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What is the gas mileage of a U-Haul® Rental Truck?

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When You Plan Your Budget Plan for Fuel

If you ask friends who have used U-Haul® rental trucks before for local moves, they’ll probably tell you the gas mileage was great. Of course, they were just moving down the street. What about long-distance moves (if that's what you’re about to do)? Do U-Haul trucks still get great gas mileage? That’s a good question, and certainly something to think about as you plan your moving budget. You can determine the gas mileage of a U-Haul rental truck for your move by comparing the following:

The truck size

U-Haul offers 6 different rental truck sizes for various sizes of homes.

U-Haul truck size chart to determine gas mileage

The Tank Size, MPG, & Miles Per Fuel Tank

Each U-Haul truck has a different tank capacity. Because each tank size varies, the MPG and Miles Per Fuel Tank also vary.

Compare U-Haul tank size, MPG, and truck size to determine gas mileage.

What does it all mean?

You may be wondering what the size of your home has to do with gas mileage. Well, what you may not have noticed is that the more you move, the lower MPG the truck gets. Once you have your belongings loaded on the truck, subtract 2 MPG (as suggested by a U-Haul representative), and you’ll see how many MPG the truck actually gets on the road. You see, the rental truck MPG shown on the U-Haul website is for an empty truck, not a full one.

An example of U-Haul gas mileage

Let’s take a look at how much a U-Haul rental truck will cost you moving long distance from New York, NY to Dallas, TX (1,547 miles) in a 24’ rental truck with a 60 gallon tank:

If you break the trip over 3 days (stopping in Kingsport and Memphis, TN for the night), you’ll spend about $210 per fill-up (at the rate of $3.50/gallon for unleaded fuel). You’ll make about 3 stops to fill up the tank completely, so you will easily spend around $700 on gas for an empty rental truck.

But no one moves cross country in an empty rental truck, do they?

A 24’ rental truck really gets around 6 MPG when loaded. Recalculate and that’s almost $850 for gas. YIKES!

How to move WITHOUT paying out of pocket for fuel

If you want a moving company that doesn’t make you pay extra for fuel, check out U-Pack – we’re a “you pack, they drive” moving service that offers comparable prices to truck rental, but WE do the driving! U-Pack customers love that FUEL, taxes, and the driver are included in their moving quote. Compare your U-Haul truck rental quote + fuel to your free U-Pack moving quote. It’s likely you’ll see that U-Pack prices are lower.

We’ll gladly answer any moving questions you have. Just call 800-413-4799 to talk with a helpful moving representative or leave a comment below!

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Chart information found on the U-Haul® website.

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