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What is the best way to move to Puerto Rico?

May 21st, 2012 - 2:16 PM

(Post updated 9/11/14)

When you move to Puerto Rico, you’ll fall in love with the easy-going Caribbean lifestyle, bask in the rich Puerto Rican culture, and enjoy many of the American conveniences you’re used to. More and more people trading in the U.S. mainland for the Island of Enchantment, so it’s time to learn the best way to move to Puerto Rico.

Well, you could always take a rental truck. Just kidding, driving through the Atlantic Ocean might give you some problems. Next! A price for a full-service move can add up quickly, and your belongings might take 4 to 10 weeks to arrive in Puerto Rico! Yikes! So what’s truly the best way to move to Puerto Rico? It’s U-Pack Moving! Here’s how it works:

  • U-Pack brings a moving trailer or moving container(s) to your home
  • You load your belongings
  • U-Pack moves your belongings to Puerto Rico
  • You unload your belongings

Depending on what part of the U.S. mainland you’re moving from, your move to Puerto Rico could take around 7 to 11 business days, that’s a lot faster than 4 to 10 weeks!

Requirements to move to Puerto Rico

Although a passport isn’t required to move to Puerto Rico, you may be required to complete an Electronic Exportation Information (EEI) form if the value of a commodity you own is over $2,500. Here’s an added bonus – when you move with U-Pack, we file the export declaration form for you at no additional cost. While there are no customs fees when moving to Puerto Rico, all of your household belongings are subject to an excise tax. To clear your items with customs, you’ll need these shipping documents:

  • Inventory list of your belongings
  • Original power of attorney
  • Bill of Lading
  • EEI form (if applicable to your shipment)

Your U-Pack Puerto Rico moving consultant will help you every step of the way to ensure you have the proper paperwork needed to move to Puerto Rico smoothly.

Move to Puerto Rico with U-Pack

Moving to Puerto Rico may seem confusing, but no fear, U-Pack specializes in moving to Puerto Rico from the U.S. mainland! We will be with you through every step of the process, making the move easy and stress-free for you. You’ll even be able to track your belongings online or by phone, 24/7.

So once you get there, enjoy the exploring the tropical paradise, and leave the task of moving your belongings to U-Pack. Call us at 800-413-4799 to talk about the specifics of your move to Puerto Rico, or leave a comment below! We’ll be happy to discuss your free moving quote and any other questions you have about moving to Puerto Rico!

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