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What is the best way to move to Alaska?

Posted By:
Derek 3/8/2013
11:49 AM

It’s not every day that you plan on moving to Alaska, so finding the best way to get there is a must. U-Pack®, a “you pack, we drive” moving service is typically the best way to move to Alaska, so let’s take a deeper look at exactly why U-Pack is the ideal solution for moving “North to the Future.”

Get a free moving quote now to see your moving rate. Or, keep reading to see how U-Pack can make your Alaska move easy and affordable.

U-Pack is a convenient way to move to Alaska
Convenience is important when planning an Alaskan move. With U-Pack, you do the loading and unloading and U-Pack transports your belongings to your new home for you. This means not having to drive a gas guzzling rental truck along the ALCAN Highway. When you move with U-Pack to Alaska, U-Pack will deliver the moving equipment direct to your home. You’ll have three business days to load, then U-Pack will drive your belongings to the port in Tacoma, WA. Once placed on the ship, it will set sail for Anchorage, AK (usually takes 5-7 business days). Compared to full-service movers, U-Pack is usually the faster way to get your belongings to Alaska. When your belongings arrive, U-Pack will deliver them direct to your new home. You’ll have three business days to unload, then U-Pack will pick up the empty equipment.

Now that’s an easy way to move to Alaska! And you don’t have to deal with Canada moving regulations, either. U-Pack takes care of you so that you can get to your new Alaskan home on your own time in your own way. Call 800-413-4799 to speak to an Alaska moving specialist about your move.

U-Pack is an affordable Alaskan moving option
One of the best parts about U-Pack is that the rates are competitive with truck rental and almost always less than a traditional full-service mover. I’d much rather get to Alaska by personal vehicle instead of a big rental truck if I had the choice. Not to mention that gas isn’t cheap. Use this rental truck fuel calculator to see what gas alone could cost you in a moving truck to Alaska– you might be surprised! If you need to get a quote now, just have your new Alaska zip code, the dates of your move, how much you’re moving, and where you’re moving from ready to go. Your quote from U-Pack includes all the transportation including fuel costs.

U-Pack also helps you to keep your moving budget in check by only charging you for the amount of space you use. If you use 18 ft. of U-Pack’s 28 ft. trailer, then 18 ft. is all you pay for. Use U-Pack’s space estimator tool to determine how much space you’ll need. It’s flexibility and price control that draw people moving to Alaska to U-Pack. In fact, 78% of U-Pack customers moved with U-Pack because of price. See what your Alaska moving cost would be by getting a free moving quote today. Then, compare it to traditional Alaska moving companies.

How much does moving to Alaska cost with U-Pack?
You won’t know until you get a no-obligation free moving quote and see the numbers for yourself. Please remember that most quotes for an Alaskan move need to be reviewed by a moving analyst (to ensure you get the best rate). Don’t miss out on getting your belongings to Alaska easily and affordably with U-Pack.

Have questions about the best way to move to Alaska? Leave me a comment below or call a U-Pack moving expert at 800-413-4799. We can’t wait to help you move to the Last Frontier!

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