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What is a Portable Storage Container

By Derek
May 25th, 2012 - 2:49 PM
A portable storage container is a container used for moving and storage. In most cases, it’s dropped off at your home. You load it, and it’s stored until you’re ready for delivery. It’s a really cool concept that has completely changed the way consumers move and store. Now there’s no need to load, unload, re-load and re-unload from a brick-and-mortar facility. Portable storage makes it simple.

U-Pack’s Portable Storage Container
U-Pack began offering portable storage services about 8 years ago, via the ReloCube®. It’s a 6’ x 7’ x 8’ (lwh) container that holds approximately one room of furniture – or the furnishings of a studio-size apartment. No worries though if you’re moving into a larger home – ReloCubes still work great. You can reserve as many as you need, but pay only for what you use. Or, you can always load into a moving trailer and pay only for the space you use. U-Pack’s space estimators can give you a good idea of how much space you’ll need.

Here are some extra conveniences you’ll find with the ReloCube:

  • Thanks to the small size, they fit perfectly into a standard-size parking space – very convenient if you’re moving out of an apartment complex or an area with limited parking.
  • U-Pack delivers right to your door. You load it and put your own lock on it. We’ll pick it up and move it to your new location. It’s the absolute simplest way to do a self-move.
  • They’re made of metal, and weatherproof. Many portable storage containers you’ll see are constructed of some combination of wood and plastic. Not a good combo when you consider elements like rain and snow.
  • They’re equipped with tie-down points throughout the interior for tying and securing your shipment for safe transit.
  • The ReloCube weighs 1,500 lbs. empty, and can hold up to 2,500 lbs.

And here’s how we’ll deliver it to your home:
ReloCubes are delivered and picked up at your home or storage facility using a flatbed trailer and a forklift.  Because of their convenient size and the maneuverability of the forklift, we can get the ReloCubes into some fairly tight places.  This may not be the case with other large portable storage containers. After your loaded ReloCube gets back to the local ABF service center, we place it into one of our commercial trailers for the long distance trip to your destination. 

How much does U-Pack Portable Storage cost?
Getting a free moving quote is easy – just call or click.  Then compare your U-Pack price to PODS®and the other portable storage companies – you’ll typically see a significant savings.

Have questions or comments about U-Pack portable storage? We would love to hear from you!