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What do you call people from different states? A list of resident nicknames

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Nicknames for People Who Live in Different States

So you’re moving to a new state? Awesome! What do they call residents in that state? Let’s say it’s Kansas. Kansans? Kansanites? Kansanians?

The official term for these nicknames is demonym – and they can sometimes be a bit confusing.  Have you ever considered that if you’re from the United States of America, you’re American, but if you’re from the Netherlands, you’re Dutch? State resident nicknames can be just as confusing.

But, with some research on what you call people from each state, we made it easier for you. We’ll cover the regions, then all of the states and territories in the United States.  

what to call people from other states

What do you call people from the different regions?

  • Northeast - New Englanders.
  • Midwest - Midwesterners
  • Eastern. Though it’s not widely used, Merriam-Webster dictionary calls those who live in the Eastern US Easterners.
  • South - Southerners
  • Mountain region - We’re stumped! We couldn’t find an official nickname for residents of this region. I suppose you could just refer to them according to the state they are from, or perhaps call them Mountaineers.
  • West/Pacific region - Westcoasters.

What's your state nickname?

  • Alabama. People from Alabama are usually called Alabamians, but sometimes you will hear the term Alabaman.
  • Alaska. People living in Alaska are called Alaskans. We’ve also heard the phrase Ice Chipper used as a nickname for them. There are also many native Alaskan tribes that you might hear used to describe native peoples of Alaska such as Aleut, Haida, or Inupiaq.
  • Arizona. People from Arizona are typically called Arizonans. You may hear the term Arizonian as well.
  • Arkansas. Folks from Arkansas are typically called Arkansans, but the term Arkie is also used for short.
  • California. California residents are called Californians.
  • Colorado. Colorado residents are known as Coloradans. Back in the day, they were called Coloradoans.
  • Connecticut. People from Connecticut are called Connecticuters most commonly. There are a couple lesser-used names that are just as fun: Connecticotian and Connecticutian.
  • Delaware. People from Delaware are known as Delawareans, and they are sometimes called Muskrats.
  • District of Columbia. People who live in Washington D.C. are known as Washingtonians.
  • Florida. Florida residents are known as Floridians most commonly, but sometimes they are called Floridans.
  • Georgia. Those who live in Georgia are called Georgians.  Another lesser-known nicknames is goober-grabbers (for their growing of peanuts).
  • Hawaii. People living in Hawaii are called Hawaiian. However, there are also a couple local terms that distinguish if you are a newcomer (malihini) or native-born (kama’aina). You may also hear them referred to as Islanders.
  • Illinois. People from Illinois are called Illinoisans, but it can be pronounced both with the “s” and with a silent “s.”
  • Idaho. People from Idaho are called Idahoans. Less frequently, you might hear them called Idahoers.
  • Indiana. Residents of Indiana are most often referred to as Hoosiers. Rarely you might hear Indianian.
  • Iowa. People from Iowa are usually referred to as Iowans, but you will also hear Hawkeyes and Iowegians.
  • Kansas. Residents of Kansas are called are Kansans.
  • Kentucky. If you are moving to Kentucky, you will be called a Kentuckian.
  • Louisiana. People from Louisiana have a mouth-full for a resident nickname! You would call them Louisianans.
  • Maine. Most commonly, people from Maine are called Mainers. Other fun nicknames are Mainiac or Downeaster.
  • Maryland. People from Maryland are called Marylanders.
  • Massachusetts. Massachusetts has some of my favorite resident nicknames! You would call people from Massachusetts Massachusettsans, or Bay Staters (much easier to spell!). Sometimes the term Massachusite is used.
  • Michigan. Most commonly, they’tr called Michiganians, but they’re also known as Michiganders, and Michiganese. If you are from the Upper Peninsula, you are a Yooper, and a Troll if you are from the lower peninsula.
  • Minnesota. Individuals living in Minnesota are known as Minnesotans, or sometimes Mud Ducks.
  • Mississippi. People from Mississippi are known as Mississippians. Another mouthful!
  • Missouri. Residents of Missouri are known as Missourians.
  • Montana. Residents in Montana are known as Montanans.
  • New Hampshire. You would call New Hampshire inhabitants New Hampshirites, or the lesser-used New Hampshireman.
  • Nebraska. You’ll hear both Nebraskan and Cornhusker to describe people from Nebraska.
  • Nevada. People from Nevada are commonly referred to as Nevadans, although some will use the expression Nevadian as well.
  • New Jersey. New Jerseyans are what you would call NJ residents. Some would call them New Jerseyites, but that isn’t widely used.
  • New Mexico. Well, that depends on which language you speak! You will either call them New Mexicans or Nuevomexicanos.
  • New York. New Yorkers of course!
  • North Carolina. If you meet someone from North Carolina, you’ll call them a North Carolian, or a Tar Heeler.
  • North Dakota. North Dakotans are folks from ND, but they often shorten it to NoDaks.
  • Ohio. People from Ohio are called Ohioans or Buckeyes. That’s right! The Buckeye is more than the mascot of Ohio State – all Ohio residents are Buckeyes!
  • Oklahoma. Oklahoma residents are usually called Oklahomans, but you will also hear Okie and Sooner used to describe them.
  • Oregon. Those living in Oregon would be called Oregonians. A lesser-used phrase is Oregoner.
  • Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania residents are called Pennsylvanians, or Pennamites.
  • Rhode Island. Folks from Rhode Island are Rhode Islanders, but they are sometimes referred to as Swamp Yankees.
  • South Carolina. People from South Carolina are called both South Carolinians and South Carolinans. Take your pick.
  • South Dakota. People from South Dakota are South Dakotans, of course
  • Tennessee. Tennessee inhabitants are usually called Tennesseans. They are also referred to as Volunteers.
  • Texas. People from Texas are Texans. However, sometimes they will be called Texians. The Spanish nickname for a Texan is tejano.
  • Utah. Most frequently, you will hear the name Utahn for these people. However, sometimes they are called Utonians or Utahans.
  • Vermont. People from Vermont are called Vermonters. You might also hear them called woodchucks!
  • Virgina. Residents of Virginia are called Virginians.
  • Washington. Those living in Washington State are called Washingtonians, which is confusing considering it is the same name for those from Washington, D.C.
  • West Virginia. People from West Virginia are called either West Virginians or Mountaineers.
  • Wisconsin. Folks from Wisconsin are known are Wisconsinites, but you might know them as Cheeseheads!
  • Wyoming. People from Wyoming are usually called Wyomingites. You may also hear Wyoman

BONUS: What do you call people from the U.S. Territories?

The United States has four unincorporated organized territories. Let’s explore what to call people from the US territories.

  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Native-born people from the Mariana islands are Chamoru or Chamorro. People from the Northern Mariana Islands would be called Northern Marianan.
  • Guam. People from Guam are called Guamanians. Native-born people are Chamoru or Chamorro.
  • Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans are people from Puerto Rico, or you might hear the Taino term “Boricua” used to describe those from Puerto Rico as well.
  • US Virgin Islands. These people would be called Virgin Islanders.

Whew! I know that was a lot of information, but hopefully you learned something new! Do you know any other resident nicknames for people from your state? Share them with us below!

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