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What Are The Mobile Storage Solutions In My Area?

December 13th, 2013 - 10:31 AM

I’m moving, but I need storage, too.

No problem. We can help! U-Pack offers some convenient mobile storage solutions to fit almost any situation. We’ll deliver the storage container to you, pick it up when you’re done loading, and store it until you’re ready for delivery—all for an affordable price. Let’s pinpoint what kind of storage solution you’re looking for and how U-Pack can help.

U-Pack Moving Storage Solutions

U-Pack mobile storage solutions

The first thing we want to know is what your moving situation is like. When and how do you need to store your belongings?

If you’re moving soon, but you don’t have a destination in mind, then storing at your origin may be for you. With this option, we’ll store your belongings at the service center closest to the location you’re at now, then deliver to your new location once you decide where that will be.

If you know where you’re moving to, but aren’t quite ready to move in yet, storing at your destination may be for you. This will give plenty of time to get the house ready or look for the perfect home. When you’re ready to move everything in, we’ll bring your things from the destination service center and deliver right to your door.

What if you just need to store at your home for a little while? Maybe you’re trying to declutter your house to get it ready to sell, but you want to take your time. Or, you’re ready to move and want to load at your own pace. U-Pack offers on-site storage to fit that need. Instead of storing at our service center, you can store at your home. Talk about convenience!

Which option works best for you? U-Pack customers enjoy storing their things with U-Pack because no matter how they choose to store, they only have to load and unload once! It makes moving so much easier and less-stressful.

Click here to get a free moving quote with storage rates, or give us a call at 800-413-4799 to talk options with a helpful U-Pack moving consultant.

U-Pack storage equipment options

U-Pack offers two types of storage equipment options: ReloCube® storage or Trailer Storage.

  • The ReloCube is the perfect mobile storage container, especially for small moves. It holds the furnishings of a studio size apartment, is made of weatherproof metal, and fits into a single parking space (perfect for tight parking lots). It’s 6’x7’x8’ and sits flat on the ground for easy loading and unloading. You can reserve as many as you need, but you only pay for the ones you actually use.
  • The Moving Trailer is perfect for any size move. Just load your things inside and we’ll store them for as long as you need. It’s a much better option than using a traditional storage facility because you only load once! Plus, you only pay for the space you use inside (down to a 5 ft. minimum) plus your storage rate.

What does it cost to store in the trailer and the ReloCube?

If you’re moving with U-Pack, you’ll be glad to know that fuel, all transportation costs, taxes, and standard liability coverage are included. If you need storage, the rates vary depending on how much you’re storing, how long you’re storing, and whether you use the trailer or the Cube:

For the trailer, storage fees range from $295 to $595 per trailer per 30 day period. For the ReloCube, storage fees range from $95 to $145 per container per 30 day period.

Call 800-413-4799 and we’ll help you build a move that allows you to store for an affordable price.

Is U-Pack storage located near me?

U-Pack can provide mobile storage through service centers all across the nation, including Alaska and Hawaii. In fact, U-Pack offers door-to-door moving and storage to over 90% of the United States. Find the service center closest to your origin or your destination by using our coverage map, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you plan your move and add storage, too.

Go U-Pack for mobile storage!

If you’re moving soon and need storage, whether on-site, at your origin, or at your destination, U-Pack can help. Click to get a free moving quote with storage rates, or call us and let us build you a move with storage for an affordable price. If you have questions about mobile storage with U-Pack, leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!