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Ways to Save on Fuel when Moving Cross Country

By Derek
February 11th, 2013 - 3:22 PM

Save on fuel driving cross country

The price of fuel these days is a rollercoaster – sky high one day, rock bottom the next. If you’re planning a cross country move, I’m sure you’ve thought about how much gas will cost you from point A to point B. A gas guzzling rental truck can be pricey (just use this rental truck fuel calculator to see what I mean). However, a move with U-Pack can be affordable. Because U-Pack does driving for you at a rate comparable to truck rental, you can drive your personal vehicle cross country to your new home, instead of a rental truck. Get a free moving quote and compare. Then, keep reading about ways to save on fuel when moving cross country!

Best ways to save gas money traveling cross country

Check your tire pressure. Each time you fill up your car, check the tire pressure. If the pressure is too high or too low, it could be costing you money. Bringing a tire pressure gauge along will help you know if your tire pressure is giving you the best fuel efficiency on the trip.

Keep your gas cap tight. Did you know that last year more than 147 million gallons of fuel simply evaporated because of loose gas caps? Multiply that by the cost per gallon right now and you’ll be floored at the amount Americans lost at the pump. Tighten your gas cap until you hear the click so that you don’t lose money or fuel on your way.

Lighten up. Minimize what you’re taking with you in the car. Sure, pack the essentials, but if it’s not necessary, put in the moving trailer or ReloCube® instead. For every 100 pound, you will lose one mile per gallon.

Maintain your car. Before you hit the road, make sure that your car is the safest it can possibly be. This means you’ll need to take it to the car maintenance shop to get fully checked. You’ll want to get an oil change (if necessary), have them look at your brakes, fluid levels, and wipers. In addition, make sure that the battery is strong, and that your tires are in good shape.

Find cheap gas. Use the GasBuddy App on your smartphone to find the cheapest gas along the way. You can use GasBuddy’s trip cost calculator here to see how much you could save on each fill up.

Keep reading for more ways to save on gas cross country!

Choose the interstate. Cruising on the interstate will help maintain your gas levels rather than taking the scenic route (and many stop and goes) through small towns.

Keep the pedal off the metal. Drivers that slow down instead of using the brake or that accelerate very slowly can save money on fuel rather than braking abruptly and accelerating at a fast pace.

Stay cool. There will always be those people who drive aggressive – speeding, constant braking and accelerating, tailgating, swerving, etc. Let them go about their aggressive driving behavior while you stay cool. Driving aggressively is not only dangerous, but it can lower the car’s gas mileage by 33%. If you do see someone driving aggressively and it putting others’ lives at risk, call 9-1-1.

Turn the engine off. Say you’re in a traffic jam and cars aren’t moving at all. Instead of idling, just turn the engine off because idling burns fuel.

You ways to save on gas when moving cross country

Now that you’ve read my ways to save on fuel when driving cross country, let me hear yours! Just comment below to add to the list.

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