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U-Pack vs. Pack-Rat®

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Compare Pack-Rat® Moving and U-Pack®

As you do research to prepare to move, you may want to see how U-Pack Moving stacks up against other moving companies. While price is always important, it’s also important to know how companies compare when it comes to service and moving options (like storage) and equipment. When you know what each company does, you can better choose the one to fit your moving and storage needs. Today we’ll cover U-Pack vs. Pack-Rat. Here’s how they compare in terms of things like service, cost, container specs and service area.

Compare Pack Rat containers to ReloCubes

U-Pack Service Offerings Compared to Pack-Rat Service Offerings

  • U-Pack offers long-distance moving service to all 50 states (including Alaska and Hawaii), Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico, with close to 300 service centers nationwide. You can choose between moving in a moving trailer or a ReloCube. And you only pay for the space you need in the trailer, or the number of ReloCubes you use. We deliver to your door, you pack and load (or we can refer you to experienced moving help), and we deliver to the door at your destination. You get up to three business days to load and unload, and storage is available if you need it.
  • 1-800-Pack-Rat offers both local and long-distance moving and storage services. The service area is currently limited to around 32 states (62 markets). Similar to U-Pack, Pack –Rat delivers a metal moving container to your home and you pack, load and unload (or they can help you find loading/unloading assistance). Pack-Rat moving prices are based on how many containers you use.

So, both U-Pack and Pack-Rat offer door-to-door containerized moving and storage in metal containers, but in most cases that’s where the similarities end.

Online Quotes from U-Pack Compared to Pack-Rat Quotes

  • U-Pack provides instant online moving quotes. Though speaking with a knowledgeable moving consultant is helpful, it’s not required. With U-Pack you have the option of communicating online or by phone – whichever best fits your needs.
  • You can also get a Pack-Rat moving price online – kind of. You can complete the online quote form, and once serviceability is verified you’ll need to call with your quote number to get your Pack-Rat price.

U-Pack Equipment Moving Trailers and Containers Compared to Pack-Rat Moving Containers

  • U-Pack is known for flexibility! As I mentioned previously, you can choose from either a moving trailer or a ReloCube(s). With the moving trailer, you pay only for the space you use. Load into as little as five linear feet (which typically holds a studio apartment), or as much as the entire 28 ft. trailer. If you need even more space, it’s still available, just pay for the space you need in a second moving trailer. The ReloCube is a metal, weatherproof container measuring 6’ x 7’ x 8’ (externally). One container typically holds a studio apartment. You can reserve as many as you think you need, and only pay for the ones you use. That means if you reserve three, and use two, you only pay for two!
  • Pack-Rat moving containers come in three sizes – 12 ft. (for local moves only), 16 ft., and 8 ft.
  • In terms of space, the 12 ft. container holds about 1-2 rooms’ worth of furniture, the 16 ft. holds 3-4 rooms, and the 8 ft. holds about 1 room’s worth. You pay for the entire Pack-Rat moving container, regardless of how much space you use inside.

U-Pack History Compared to Pack-Rat History

  • The primary transportation provider used by U-Pack is ABF Freight one of the nation’s most reputable carriers, and the only six-time winner of the American Trucking Association’s Excellence in Security Award. ABF Freight has been a familiar sight on America’s highways since 1923, and has been serving customers via U-Pack Moving since 1997.
  • The first Pack-Rat locations were opened in 2003.

U-Pack Reviews Compared to Pack-Rat Reviews

  • U-Pack is known for excellent customer service and knowledgeable sales and service consultants. Check out the independent consumer reviews at sites like epinions.com and movingscam.com. You’ll find great reviews at movingscam.com.
  • While we’ve had difficulty finding consumer reviews for Pack-Rat, it’s good practice to search reviews out for any moving service you’re considering. For starters, try sites like yelp.com, the Better Business Bureau and Kudzu. Ask your friends for Pack-Rat reviews or complaints if you know people who have used the service.

Go U-Pack!

It’s the service customers continually choose for moving and storage. Most U-Pack customers choose us because of price, but the excellent customer service and flexibility definitely help!  Start by getting a free moving quote online – or call 800-413-4799 to speak with a helpful moving specialist. We’ll help coordinate your move every step of the way.

When you go U-Pack, you get flexibility, great customer service, a long-standing history of safety and competitive prices. If you have any questions about how U-Pack compares to 1-800-Pack-Rat, leave a comment below. We look forward to helping. 

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