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U-Haul Prices

November 19th, 2012 - 1:52 PM

I’m sure you are looking for the most affordable way to move, so understanding more about what goes into U-Haul prices will help you decide which moving option to use. Let’s take a peek into what goes into U-Haul prices, along with extra costs to consider.

What determines U-Haul prices?

If you attempt to get a quote from U-Haul, you will see several things help determine your UHaul price. These things include:

  • Pickup date: Just like airfare or hotels, there are peak days where moving is more expensive. So your move date is factored in to the U-Haul price.
  • Pickup and drop-off location: These locations determine whether you have a local move or a one-way move. Local moves (where you pickup and drop-off at the same location) are cheaper than one-way truck rental (where you pickup and drop-off at different locations). Of course, the mileage and travel time between your locations plays a part in your price.
  • Truck size: You get what you pay for! So using a bigger truck will cost more.

What extra costs do I need to factor into U-Haul prices?

When using U-Haul, there is more to your cost than just the truck rental price. Don’t forget about all these extras.

  • Fuel: Perhaps the biggest extra cost that goes with your U-Haul rental is the fuel. You can determine how much fuel will cost you by using our rental truck fuel calculator. Fuel for a move from Dallas, TX to Boston, MA would cost a whopping $960!
  • Towing or trailers: There are towing trailers, along with utility trailers and cargo trailers for rent.
  • Damage protection: U-Haul recommends that you add damage protection because most auto insurance policies don’t cover damage or theft of your U-Haul. U-Haul has different protection packages for both your truck rental and trailer rental.
  • Dollies and furniture pads: U-Haul can rent you a utility dolly, appliance dolly, or furniture dolly for an extra fee. They also have furniture pads for rent. Make sure your furniture pads are clean as bedbugs, lice and other nasty little things can travel on the fabric pads.
  • Boxes: U-Haul has moving boxes and other packing supplies for sale, but you have to pay extra for them.
  • Moving help: If you need assistance with your move, U-Haul has moving help available in many markets. You pay based on the number of people you need, along with the number of hours you need them.
  • Storage: U-Haul can also help you arrange for storage facilities if you need them.

Are there alternative to the high U-Haul prices?

Sound like too many extra costs? Once you add all those things in, your U-Haul price might not be as low as you thought. For an affordable alternative, check out U-Pack! With U-Pack, you get a free moving quote that includes fuel and liability, and since U-Pack does all the driving, you won’t have to tow your car! If you need moving help or storage, U-Pack can help with that, too. U-Pack also sells professional moving boxes and moving supplies, and we can deliver them right to your door! Our prices are competitive with truck rental, but you get added value because one of our professional drivers does all the driving! Check out how you can move with U-Pack by getting a free moving quote!