Tips on moving from the US to Canada

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What do I need to know if I’m moving to Canada from the United States?
It takes some planning to coordinate a long distance move – and if you’re crossing an international border, your moving checklist grows even more. Since there’s a lot to cover, let’s get right to it. You’ll find more in-depth instructions in this How Do You Move to Canada post. Here are my best tips on moving from the US to Canada:

There’s a misconception that getting your items across the international border is one of the more difficult tasks when you’re moving from the USA to Canada. But with the right paperwork, it’s really not so bad.

Let’s begin with one of the basic questions about moving from USA to Canada: What document does U-Pack need to move my items across the border? First, you’ll need to provide a copy of your proof of status. This usually is a visa or passport, but could be another official document that confirms you have permission to move yourself and your belongings to Canada. U-Pack also needs a completed copy of the B4 form and B4A form, which is an itemized list of your items along with their approximate Canadian dollar value. I suggest taking inventory of your belongings as you’re packing.

As a “post-audit carrier,” ABF (U-Pack’s primary transportation provider) has the authority to cross into Canada with your items “in bond” to the ABF destination terminal, where we’re hold your goods until you obtain clearance through the local customs office. This is great news – you don’t have to meet us at the border! Once you clear your belongings, we’ll deliver your trailer or moving container to your new destination address.

Providing U-Pack with those three documents (proof of status, B4, and B4A) will make moving from the US to Canada possible.

Don’t forget to read U-Pack’s Do Not Ship List so you know what you can and cannot pack in the trailer or container.

To get a free moving quote for your move from the US to Canada, simply call 800-413-4799 or enter your moving information into the instant quote form on the right. Yes, U-Pack can move furniture from the USA to Canada. If you have questions or have a specific topic you want us to cover about moving to Canada, leave me a comment or try out the “Ask the Experts” tool. I’m happy to help!

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