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The Ultimate Guide to Moving to HI

May 27th, 2014 - 4:00 PM

Moving to HI with Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a great option for moving. They're compact, easy to load your belongings into, weatherproof, and secure. There are several companies that offer shipping containers stateside, but you may have to search to find one that delivers to Hawaii.

Move to Hawaii with moving containers


U-Pack offers ReloCube® shipping containers in a majority of our service areas, including Hawaii. If you're looking to use containers when moving to HI, let’s take a look at a few things to consider.

Size of Shipping Container. U-Pack offers two different size options when moving to HI: ReloCubes and ocean containers.

The ReloCube is a 6’ x 7’ x 8’ metal, weatherproof container that you pack and lock up. A ReloCube holds the contents of a studio apartment, or 1-2 rooms in a standard home. You can use one, or as many as you need!

For delivery of ReloCubes, one of three things happens, depending on where you're moving to:

  • 1) On Oahu, it can be delivered to your door.
  • 2) On the Big Island, it can be delivered to your door.
  • 3) On Kauai or Maui, you unload at the local service center. Terminal moves are not uncommon or complicated, it just simply means you unload your stuff at the terminal and take it to your home. Just an extra step, but it comes with big savings.

To see how many ReloCubes you would need, check out our space estimator. If you're unsure how many you'll need, you can reserve as many as you think you need, then only pay for the ones you use. So if you reserve four, but are able to pack it all in three, you only pay for three! U-Pack offers great flexibility that you won’t get from other container moving companies. You can get a quote for ReloCube shipping containers here.

Ocean containers are 40 foot shipping containers for larger homes (equivalent to about 5-6 ReloCubes). We're able to do ocean container door-to-door delivery to Oahu, the Big Island, Kauai, and Maui, so if you need door-to-door delivery, an ocean container might be your best option. To get a quote for ocean containers to HI, call and talk with a moving specialist at 1-800-413-4799

The Cost to Move to Hawaii with U-Pack

Moving to HI is a bit more difficult than moving down the street on the mainland. I mean, you can’t exactly drive a rental truck to the Big Island. And traditional moving companies are known for being high cost when it comes to moving to Hawaii (not to mention the long time you’ll wait for your stuff to arrive). So using a shipping container from U-Pack is a great solution! You get an affordable move that's fast. Most U-Pack shipments to Hawaii are completed in just 10 business days.

To determine how much it will cost to use moving containers to move to Hawaii, get a free moving quote! Or call a moving specialist to go over all of our money saving options. If you have more questions, leave a comment or call one of our moving specialists at 1-800-413-4799. We're ready to help you move to HI with U-Pack! Aloha!

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