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The Cheapest Way to Move Furniture Across Country

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What’s the cheapest way to move furniture?

If you’re moving it across the country, it’s a U-Pack terminal-to-terminal move. This involves taking your furniture and other belongings to the service center closest to your home and loading it into a trailer or ReloCube there. U-Pack will ship it across the country, and when it arrives at the service center closest to your new home, you can take a trip there to unload it (with a local rental truck or your personal vehicle).

It’s a very cheap way to move across the country, but for some, it may not be convenient—or even possible.

cheapest way to ship furniture

The next cheapest option is a door-to-door U-Pack move.

With this option, an experienced driver delivers a trailer or Cube to your door, you load it, and U-Pack picks it up and delivers to your new location. You can probably guess that the convenience makes it the most popular option.  

What makes U-Pack a cheap furniture moving solution?

You might call it a hybrid between a truck rental and a full service moving company; it’s the best of both worlds. You save by doing the loading and unloading on your own (with the help of friends and family), but you don’t have to drive. Also, there are no additional fees for things like fuel, mileage, taxes or the driver. There’s one low price that’s based on the amount of space your furniture takes up in the trailer (or the number of Cubes you use). You don’t have to worry about the weight of the shipment, and you don’t have to pay for space you don’t use.  

How much does it cost to move furniture across the country with U-Pack?

Prices vary based on how much you’re moving, where you’re moving from and to, and when you’re moving. An online moving quote will show your price instantly. If you need some help figuring how much space or how many Cubes you’ll need, the Room-by-Room Space Estimator is a very helpful tool.

Ways to Lower the Cost to Move Your Furniture

  • Do the work yourself
    As I’ve mentioned, doing your own packing and loading saves money. When it comes to full-service moving, much of the price comes from labor, so removing that cost lowers it significantly.  

  • Only move what you need
    Paying based on how much space your furniture takes up in the trailer puts you in control of the price. If there are things you don’t plan to use when you get to your new home, leave it behind. If you can fit into less space, there’s potential to save hundreds (make sure to check out the per-foot adjustment rate on your moving quote).
  • Load and/or unload at the service center
    You already know that terminal-to-terminal is the cheapest way to move furniture across the country, and what that means for most moves is a savings of at least $300. Check with your U-Pack moving consultant to see how much you could save. If you’re only able to go to the terminal on one end, that’s an option, too! 
  • Get familiar with the best ways to pack and load
    Efficient packing and loading can save space, and we know that’s a money-saver. But it also reduces the possibility of damage—which lowers your overall cost when it’s all said and done. Wrapping your furniture thoroughly using plastic wrap and furniture pads and using boxes that were designed for moving is a great place to start. Get familiar with packing and loading tips so that you pack and load properly, and make sure the people helping are familiar, too.

Why choose U-Pack for your move across country?

Since 1997 U-Pack has carried more than 500,000 shipments over 600 million miles—and using experienced drivers, those shipments arrive quickly and safely.  

A benefit of using U-Pack that you may not be aware of is that yours is the only household good move on the trailer. Any space you don’t use, we use to move commercial goods (like electronics, clothing, etc.) that are moving in the same direction. And we pass the savings right to you.  

Another benefit customers love is the ability to track your move 24/7 online or by phone.

These benefits, combined with helpful customer service, low prices, and flexible moving options help U-Pack stand out among the competitors.

To determine the cheapest way to move your furniture across the country, you can get an instant quote online, or call a friendly moving specialist at 800-413-4799.

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