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Student Moving 101

August 4th, 2010 - 11:14 AM

A simple guide to making a student move
Moving to college is a big milestone – and without a plan, it has the potential to be a big headache. Any student moving to a new campus can probably tell you there are lots of details to remember when coordinating a student move. Here are a few of the basics:  

First things first when it comes to student moving
Most colleges and universities have specific dates set aside for moving in, most of which coincide with orientation or Welcome Weekend. Who wants to scramble around figuring out how to move when you could be exploring your new surroundings and making new friends? Contact the residence administration office early to make sure you know their move-in schedule. It's important to reserve a moving container so you'll have confirmed availability during what's sure to be a busy event.

Less is more when you’re a student moving to college
Unfortunately, dorm rooms aren't typically known for being spacious. If you're making a student move, avoid bringing all your possessions from home and only pack the essentials. Bedding, clothes, and school supplies are basic needs, but there are a few not-so-obvious items you may want to consider:

• Laundry items (detergent, hamper, and a few rolls of quarters for the machines)
• Mini first aid kit
• Basic kitchen utensils (a can opener is a must)
• Trash can
• Extension cord
• Shower supplies
• Sanitizer/cleaning wipes
The U-Pack ReloCube (similar to a PODS® container but smaller) is perfect for students moving to college. It fits in a single car parking space, so you don't have to worry about finding room for a large rental truck.   

Try moving to college on a budget
There's a reason everyone jokes about college students and ramen noodles: funds can get pretty limited while you're in school. ReloCubes are an easy and affordable way to make a student move, without breaking the bank. For the price of a pizza or two, I bet you could even convince a few friends to help with the heavy lifting!  

If you have questions about coordinating a student move, or would like to get a free moving quote, call us at 800-413-4799.