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Storage and Moving Solutions

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Storage and Moving Solutions from U-Pack

There are a lot of scenarios that could cause you to need storage and moving options during your relocation: you may have to vacate your current home weeks before the closing date on your new house, or maybe you're going to tackle a few renovation projects before moving the furniture into your new home. Whatever the reason or need, U-Pack has several storage and moving alternatives to fit your moving budget.

Storage and Moving Solution #1: Storage at Origin
Storage at origin is ideal for situations where you're not quite sure just where you'll end up. For instance— let's say you've accepted a new job, but aren't sure which office or location you'll be assigned to. You can store your belongings at the ABF Freight terminal nearest to your current city, and then have them shipped to your new home once you know the final destination.

Storage and Moving Solution #2: Storage at Destination
Two of the most uncertain details when buying and selling homes are the closing dates— even if you've already arrived in your new town, what do you do with your stuff until you can take possession of your new home? Have your items stored in a U-Pack moving trailer or ReloCube (U-Pack's moving container) at the secure ABF terminal in your destination area. Your items will be kept safe until you're ready to have them delivered to your new home.  

Storage and Moving Solution #3: On-Site Storage
If you need an extended period of time to load or unload your belongings, then on-site storage is a good idea. It's pretty simple: once a ReloCube is delivered to your home, you'll have access to your items at any time since you lock the container and keep the key. When you're finished loading/unloading, just call for pickup. Keep in mind that driveway or non-street parking is required for on-site storage— just a reminder!

Storage and Moving Solution #4: Portable Storage
I know we've already talked about the ReloCube in this post, but I can't help stressing the ease of using portable storage containers! ReloCubes are 6'x7'x8' weatherproof containers that sit flat on the ground. Perfect for small moves, but they also work great for larger homes— you only pay for the space you need! ReloCubes fit in a single parking space, which just adds to the convenience.

If you're not sure which storage and moving options will best fit your situation (and your budget), call us at 800-413-4799. Questions or comments? Let me know! 

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