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Should I Tip Movers?

April 10th, 2014 - 2:45 PM

To tip, or not to tip; that is the question.

Tipping is something you do when you go out to eat, get a haircut, have pizza delivered, or catch a cab ride, but what about when you hire movers? That can be tricky. You’re already paying them for moving your stuff, so should you tip them, too?

Do I need to tip the movers?

When it comes to a U-Pack move – where you do the loading and unloading and we do the driving – there’s no need to tip the driver. But, if you decide to hire labor to help with loading and unloading, we recommend contacting the company ahead of time and asking about their policy on tipping. They may tell you that it’s against policy, or they may tell you that their movers will accept a tip if offered. Each company is different, so be sure to check before you make a run to the ATM.

If they give the green light and you decide you want to tip for good service, the next question is “How much should I tip the movers?” This is completely up to you because there’s no general amount for tipping movers. Just tip with what you feel comfortable with and what you feel they deserve for a job well done. You may want to tip all the movers if they all do a great job, or a select few who you notice go above and beyond.

In short, there’s no general rule for tipping movers. The decision to tip or not is completely up to you – there’s no need to feel pressure one way or the other. It’s a way to express your gratitude for great service. If you feel like the movers gave good service, a tip can go a long way to show your thanks. Good service can mean anything from getting the job done sooner than expected, handling items with care, showing professionalism, etc. On the opposite end, you shouldn’t feel obligated to tip if you feel like the service you receive is subpar.

Other Ways to Show Your Thanks to the Movers

If you’d like to do something for your movers besides giving them cash (or if they don’t accept tips), there are plenty of other ways you can recognize their efforts:

  • Buy them a meal (pizza, sandwiches, burgers, etc.)
  • Have snacks and cold bottled water or sports drinks available
  • If it’s cold outside, have some hot chocolate or coffee to warm them up
  • Give them a great rating on consumer review sites
  • Write a great recommendation and share it on your social media profile or their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)

What are your thoughts about tipping movers?

We hope this information has been helpful and has answered your questions about tipping movers. The key thing to remember is that tipping is optional and your choice alone. What are your thoughts about tipping movers? We’d love to hear from you.