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Shipping Household Goods to Alaska

By Derek
May 1st, 2013 - 3:51 PM

How to Ship Household Goods to Alaska

Shipping household goods to Alaska doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. While some companies charge you lots of money and take weeks to deliver your household goods, you have other options. Let’s explore a reliable, fast, affordable, way to ship your belongings to Alaska: U-Pack®.

Click to get a free moving quote for your household goods shipment to Alaska. Keep reading for more information on why U-Pack is the reliable, affordable way to ship your stuff to Alaska.

Shipping Furniture to Alaska with a Reliable Moving Service

When you are handing over all your household items, you want to be sure they are in good hands. U-Pack has been shipping household goods to Alaska since 1998. With some of the newest, best-maintained equipment in the industry, you can trust that your household goods shipment is in good hands with U-Pack.

Shipping household goods to Alaska fast

While some companies can take upwards of 4-6 weeks to deliver your shipment to Alaska, U-Pack is fast. U-Pack shipments to Alaska average just 10-12 business days for delivery! That includes your items being picked up at your door, shipped to Tacoma, WA, then put on a boat to Anchorage, and delivered to your door in Alaska (if the location you are moving to allows door delivery). You can’t beat that!

The Cheapest Way to Ship Your House to Alaska

U-Pack is known for being a great affordable moving solution. Your rates are based on the space you use, so you control the cost! When shipping household goods to Alaska, you can choose from these three options.

  1. You can use an entire 40-foot ocean container (would be great for moving an entire 4+ bedroom home.) With this option, you pay for the entire ocean container. Ocean containers can be delivered door-to-door to most locations in Alaska.
  2. You can choose a 28-foot moving trailer option. You fill it up with your items, and pay only for the space you use. So, if you only fill it to 14 feet full, you only pay for 14 feet. U-Pack will fill the rest of the container will commercial, palletized goods heading in the same direction, which saves you lots of money by not having to pay for the entire trailer. Moving trailers can be used for door-to-door moving in Alaska.
  3. You can use a ReloCube® moving container. These are 6’ x 7’ x 8’ metal containers. You can reserve as many as you think you’ll need, but you only pay for the ones you use. ReloCubes are usually the cheapest option because you unload them at our terminal in Anchorage, saving you money!

Which options is best for your household goods shipment? Well, that depends on how much stuff you have! You can see which option is best for your move with a free moving quote.

Military Moves to Alaska

If you are shipping household goods to Alaska for the military, find out about U-Pack’s military moving here. U-Pack is a great solution compared to traditional military movers because you are in control of your move – from choosing the move date to how you pack.

Shipping Household Goods to Alaska the Best Way!

U-Pack’s combination of affordable service, fast transit times, and great service make it the best way to ship your household goods to Alaska. To compare U-Pack to other Alaska shipping companies, start with a free moving quote.

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