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Ryder Truck vs. a U-Pack Moving Trailer

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Compare Ryder truck moving to U-Pack

Moving with a Ryder truck?  Keep in mind that there might be other options to consider that you haven't thought of yet.  U-Pack offers a service that's comparable to truck rental, but with some extra benefits that will make your move much easier.

So what are the differences between a Ryder truck and U-Pack moving trailers? Here's a look at what you'll get with each service.

Ryder Truck

  • You do all of the driving behind the wheel of a cumbersome rental truck— the entire distance from point A to point B.
  • Storage is not included with a Ryder truck.  If you do need storage, you'll have to move your items from the truck into a separate unit and pay a monthly storage rate— then load and unload again once you're ready to move your belongings into to your new house.
  • Fuel is not included in your rental's price— you pay for however many tanks of gas you use, plus you'll need to fill the Ryder truck back up to where the gas gauge was when you received it.
  • A Ryder truck must be returned to the same location it was picked up from.
  • One last point (and it's pretty important): insurance is not included in the Ryder truck rate. Since you do the driving with a Ryder truck, you'll need to find insurance that would cover damage to Ryder's equipment in the unfortunate event of an accident while in your possession— otherwise, you may be held liable.

U-Pack Moving

  • With U-Pack, all of the driving is taken care of for you— head to your new home however you wish (plane, train, or personal automobile), and meet your items there.
  • Storage is available in the same moving trailer or moving container that your items traveled in— you'll just pay a monthly storage rate. No unloading and reloading your belongings just for storage.
  • Fuel, taxes, road tolls and the driver are already included in your U-Pack rate.
  • You don't have to worry about picking up or returning your U-Pack trailer— professional drivers handle the pick-up and delivery for you.
  • Because an ABF Freight professional takes care of the transportation, there's no worry about trying to wrestle a bulky truck over the highways while trying to avoid an accident.

Choosing how to move
The previous points explain what would be included in your rate for a Ryder truck or a U-Pack trailer.  When you're calculating your moving budget, be sure to include all the 'soft costs' that may be incurred, such as fuel, road tolls, fees, extra meals and hotel stays, or mandatory insurance in addition to the base price. This way, you'll be able to see which moving option saves the most time and money!

For a free moving quote, call U-Pack at 800-413-4799. Have a question? Leave us a comment!

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