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Reserving an ABF Moving Trailer - What to Expect

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12:51 PM

If you reserve a moving trailer, equipment similar to this will be delivered to your door.

ABF Moving Truck and Trailer

This is a nice, clean, empty ABF Freight tractor and trailer. ABF Freight is the primary transportation provider for U-pack.

Moving Trailer Delivery
When the trailer arrives at your location, the driver will detach the tractor from the moving trailer and leave just the trailer behind. You'll simply advise the driver of where you would like it parked while you load. The trailer is 28' long, 8.5' wide and 13' tall (from the ground), so you'll want to verify there is a space that's at least 42' long, 10' wide and 14' high for delivery and pick-up.

You have up to three business days to load (so if we deliver on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, the weekend gives you two extra days!). If you need it picked up sooner, just let us know. We recommend checking with your local parking authority, HOA, storage unit, or apartment management to determine how long the moving trailer can be left at your location. Keep in mind that there are some locations were parking restrictions won't allow overnight parking. When this is the case, we can normally accommodate a same day drop-off and pick-up or a live-load/unload. If this is something you need, call one of our helpful Moving Consultants at 800-413-4799 for assistance.

Inside the Moving Trailer
The space inside a U-Pack trailer is equivalent in size to a 26-foot rental truck plus a 10-foot rental truck. Its capacity is 825 lbs. per linear foot (which is a total of 24,000 lbs.). An empty 28-foot trailer is estimated to weigh between 7,400-8,000 lbs. Considering this, it should be parked only on pavement or packed gravel.

Loading the Moving Trailer
All moving trailers used for U-Pack moves are rear-loading. Some are equipped with swing doors and some with roll-up doors. In most trailers you'll find the footage pre-marked in two-foot increments. We still like to recommend that customers use a measuring tape to mark off the footage in one-foot increments (chalk or tape works perfectly for this). Then you'll know your exact price as you're loading (a benefit our customers love).

Feel free to use blocks and braces while you're loading; they're helpful in preventing shifting in transit. You can nail them to the floor of the trailer. If the trailer doesn't have tie points where you need them, you can use screw hooks and eyes to assist in securing your shipment. Most moving trailers are equipped with logistical points (slots up and down the walls), some have tie rings high on the trailer wall, and some only the wooden floor which allows for the use of blocks and braces. You're welcome to request the type of trailer you prefer-the local service center will do their best to accommodate your needs.

The Ramp
Your moving trailer comes equipped with a ramp for loading and a ramp for unloading. I say it this way because the ramp doesn't travel with the trailer. Instead, it stays with the local terminal. That means instead of packing it in with your belongings, you'll simply place it in front of the bulkhead when you finish loading, and we'll remove it before the trailer begins to travel. Then we'll provide one at the destination for unloading. In most circumstances, if you need use of the entire trailer and there's no room for the ramp, it's no problem. Just notify us, and we'll send another truck to retrieve it. Though it is extremely rare, there are occasional exceptions to ramp availability (in areas not serviced direct by ABF Freight). Your U-Pack representative will notify you of any issues. Click here to view the ramp set up instructions.

The Secure Shipment Divider
Every U-Pack moving trailer comes equipped with a Secure Shipment Divider. You will install it after all of your belongings are loaded. It consists of two identical 4' x 8' plywood panels. The purpose of this secure shipment divider is to separate your belongings from other goods on the moving trailer. Your belongings will never be co-mingled with other household goods (another benefit U-Pack customers love). If your shipment doesn't occupy the entire moving trailer, the remaining space is loaded with boxed, palletized or crated commercial goods. Click here for more information about the Secure Shipment Divider.

Wow! This is a lot of information. But hopefully you'll find it very helpful if you're considering a trailer move. If you have any questions about moving in a trailer, or to get a free moving quote, let us know! We'll be happy to help!