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Ramp for your Moving Trailer

Posted By:
Jeremy 11/13/2008
11:14 AM

When you're preparing to move it seems like there are always lots of questions and last minute concerns. And we get a lot of questions about our moving ramps – how to order one, how big they are, how much weight they hold, how to set them up, etc., etc. So, here are a few things you should know to be worry free and easily breeze thru your move. 

It's FREE!
We provide a free moving ramp with every trailer move. You don't have to request or reserve it – we automatically deliver it with your moving trailer. Ramps are limited to one per shipment – that's not a problem though, since one is all you'll need.

All about the Ramp
U-Pack ramps are made specifically to fit an ABF rental trailer. They're 14 feet long, 2 feet wide, and weigh 145 lbs., with a maximum weight limit of 1,000 lbs.  It's sturdy enough to handle all of your furniture and heavier items and you can pull a heavy-duty dolly up it easily.

How it Works
First, make sure that the ramp doesn't get packed in with your stuff. After you finish loading, you'll install the bulkhead then put the ramp in – they'll pull it off at the origin ABF service center before the moving trailer starts to move.  Then, the destination service center will put a ramp in before they deliver to you. It's a really easy process.

To get an idea of how easy our ramps are to set up, take a look at the trailer moves video or the photo instructions (there are also instructions attached to the ramp itself).


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