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PODS® Promotional Code vs. U-Pack Savings

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2:13 PM

Are you looking for PODS® Promotional Codes?

It’s safe to say that saving money is a big deal. Cutting coupons is all the rage (there’s even a TV show about it), and don’t even get me started on Black Friday. Of course, the grocery store and clothing/electronic stores aren’t the only places where coupons and discount codes have become popular. You’ll find them in the moving industry, too. Lots of people are looking for PODS® promotional codes and other ways to save. Is this what you’re looking for, too?

PODS promotional codes vs U-Pack savings

If so, here’s something to think about: Even with a discount, some services still cost more than others. When you’re trying to decide on a service to help with your long-distance move, I recommend researching, getting quotes, asking questions about additional charges, and finding out what you actually get for your money. Then compare to similar services to see if the promotional code or moving coupon actually saves you money. It may or may not.

What type of moving service discount are you looking for?

Whether you’re looking for a rental truck discount, PODS® promotional code, or a U-Pack coupon, it’s important to consider the value you receive for the price. Why use a coupon if in the end you still pay more than your moving budget allows?

If you’re pricing a move with PODS®, you may find that even when you add the promo code, the price is still higher than comparable alternatives.

Save more than even a PODS® promo code allows

My suggestion for an easy, affordable move is U-Pack. While the “you pack, we drive” service compares to PODS®, you’ll find that the prices are typically much lower. In fact, if you’re moving long distance, it’s not unusual for U-Pack prices to compare to truck rental.

Get a free moving quote from U-Pack to see how much you’ll save.

You can also call us at 800-413-4799 to get a quote, reserve your move, or talk details. If you have questions, let us know in the comments section below.

And since you’re a fan of coupons, I can’t go without giving you a way to save with U-Pack! Just use coupon code “BLOG25” to save $25 off your move.