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PCSing? U-Pack Can Help

By Josh J
June 20th, 2011 - 3:31 PM

Are You PCSing? U-Pack Can Help!

It's no secret that military life can sometimes mean lots of moving around, jumping from base to base. If you're not up on the latest lingo, there are lots of terms to describe the many transitions military service members endure (think back to U-Pack's popular DITY move blog post). This round, we're going to discuss one of the more interesting phrases regarding military moves: PCSing.

What exactly does 'PCSing' mean?
PCS is short for 'permanent change of station'. Therefore, if you're 'PCSing', you're making a move to a new military station. That means an active member of the military is relocating from one base/station to another (and it's often a long-distance move). You know what that means— time to start planning a move!

How does U-Pack work with military moves?
PCSing can mean lots of new faces and places; and the actual move shouldn't add extra stress when you're already trying to adjust to new surroundings. So how does U-Pack work if you're making a military move? It's pretty straight-forward:

  • When you call U-Pack for a moving quote, be sure to mention you're PCSing to get a military discount. If you're going the DITY route, U-Pack can provide the certified weight tickets you'll need to submit for reimbursement (and you can pocket what you save by using U-Pack!).
  • U-Pack delivers a moving trailer or moving container to your door, where you'll have up to 3 business days to load.
  • U-Pack then drives to your new home on base, where you'll have 3 more business days to unload.

If you don't count the part about moving your life cross-country, PCSing couldn't be easier!

What are some tips to remember?
Just like any other move, PCSing comes with new neighborhoods, schools, landmarks, and places of entertainment. Do a little research and exploration prior to the move to find out more about your new town (a great way to get the kids excited about moving). Another good pre-move tip? Have a garage sale! Pare down the belongings you no longer want/need to avoid moving unnecessary items, and earn some extra cash while you're at it.
Once you reach your destination and get settled, it's time to get involved in your new community. Sign the kids up for organized sports, join a club, or volunteer at a local charity; PCSing is a much easier process when you get to know others and make friends in the area. What better way to have a fresh start in a new home?

Still have some questions about moving? We want to help— really! Call us at 800-413-4799 or leave a comment.