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PCSing to Alaska: Military Life in the Last Frontier

May 23rd, 2014 - 2:59 PM

So you have orders to PCS to Alaska, the “Last Frontier.” Sounds like an exciting new adventure. You start thinking about your options for getting all your household goods 4,000 miles north. 

You could go with a full-service military move with all arrangements made by the TMO office. Seems convenient, but the goods may not arrive for 6-8 weeks. And, in peak moving season, you could be faced with movers who over-schedule and fail to show up on the scheduled loading date.

Or you could PCS to Alaska with U-Pack.

If you don’t mind earning some extra money (and doing a little extra work), that is.  With a DITY move, you make all arrangements and receive reimbursement based on the weight of your goods.

A DITY move to Alaska may seem like a colossal task – out of the question. For many, the thought of a DITY always includes driving a rental truck. If you’re anything like me, driving a huge rental truck across the Alaska-Canadian Highway (ALCAN) sounds about as fun as sticking my finger in a light socket…just something I’d rather not do if I have a choice.

U-Pack is a great alternative to driving a rental truck for a PCS to Alaska. We can take care of your household goods, freeing you up to travel to your new home in the Land of the Midnight Sun at your own pace.  And, we can get your goods to Alaska in about two weeks.

If you decide to drive the ALCAN, you won’t have to rent a car when you arrive in Alaska.  Many who have traveled this path enjoy the wildlife and views along the way. They also recommend a guide titled “The Milepost,” which provides mile-by-mile details about available lodging, dining, shopping and automotive services.
You can also transport your vehicle to Alaska via ferry on the Alaska Marine Highway sailing out of Bellingham, WA. Service for this three-day trip may be limited in the winter, so make plans well in advance if this is your route of choice. Visit the State of Alaska’s Marine Highway System for more information on ferry travel.

And, if you want to make the trip in hours rather than days, you can opt to fly. Note that in the winter, airlines may not allow your furry friends to make the trip. 

If you need extra time to settle into your new surroundings (waiting on base housing or looking for a home off base), U-Pack can provide secure storage of your goods. We can hold your shipment at the ABF service center closest to your origin, or we can ship your goods to our facility in Tacoma for storage. From Tacoma, transportation takes only about a week for delivery to Anchorage.

Explore your DITY options to Alaska with a free moving quote from U-Pack. Our team is also available to answer your questions. Give us a call at 800-413-4799 Monday through Friday 7am-8pm Central.

Safe travels, and thank you for your service to our country!