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Parking at an Apartment Complex or Storage Facility

Posted By:
Jeremy 1/21/2008
3:06 PM

Being in the moving industry gives me the opportunity to talk to people from all over the country. Regardless of location, when it comes to moving, people share a lot of the same concerns. One issue that is sometimes overlooked is trailer parking. With the slow down in the housing market, more and more people are living in rental properties and/or storing a portion of their things.  I talk to a lot of people with questions about parking in these situations.  Each case is different, but communication is the key to making it work. 

If you are deciding between multiple apartments or storage units, select a location free of low hanging power lines and tree-branches.  If there is a gated entryway, make sure there are no sharp turns following the entrance. Remember: just because something can get in, that doesn't necessarily mean it can get back out again!

Once you select a location, try to build a relationship with the manager of the facility and clearly address your parking needs. If you are moving with ABF U-Pack, you will need approximately one parking place per ReloCube  and approximately 3 parking places/40 feet for a moving trailer.

I help people in situations like this every day, but ultimately it is up to you to find safe and legal parking for our equipment.  Most of the time you will find that people are quite accommodating, but you never want to assume this will be the case. If you are ever unsure whether our equipment can access a particular location, email me a picture and we'll see what we can do!

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