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Packing Made Easy

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I know. Packing is a pain.


I am a packing expert. Well, kind of. I may have mentioned before that in the first 17 years of life I moved only one time - and I was only a year old...so I don't think that counts. But, in the 15 years that followed, there have been 16 moves. Granted, for the first few moves everything I owned got thrown in the back of a pick-up truck (which wasn't much since I was a college student).


Packing was fun…
I'll have to say, every move was exciting – in the beginning. Every time I started packing boxes, I knew I was embarking on a new chapter in life. Graduating from college, starting my first job, going back to graduate school, getting married, starting a new job, buying our first house, starting a family, moving to a new house…. So, in the beginning, packing was fun. But, usually after about 3 days of wrapping things up, sorting, throwing stuff away, packing boxes and listening to the rip of box tape…it got a little old. By the end, I usually found myself just wanting to give everything away and start over! Ever been there?


So, by about the 10th move, I finally figured out the way to make packing a little easier:


Start by packing one room at a time. When you get finished packing a room, stack all of the boxes in a corner (or carry them out to the garage) and start packing the next room. Everything stays organized, you aren't tripping over boxes sitting all over your house and you'll feel a sense of accomplishment each time you finish a room.


Packing then labeling. Each time you finish packing a box, label it with what's in the box, and what room it goes in. If it contains fragile items, write that on the box. This makes moving it into your new house SO much easier.


Keep your clothes in dresser drawers. There's no reason to spend time packing clothing that's already folded nicely in your dresser drawers. Clothing can take up a lot of precious space (and a lot of boxes). Just leave it where it is!


Use sandwich bags! Keep up with screws and bolts when you take stuff apart by putting them in a sandwich bag and taping it to the item (be sure not to tape to wood) – you can do this with remote controls too…What a pain to unpack your electronics and you can't find the remote!


Avoid packing stuff you don't use. Donate it or throw it away. If you haven't used it in the last 6 months, you probably don't need it. If you donate it, make sure to get a tax receipt.


Get help packing! Have yourself a little packing party! Pizza is cheap. Buy some and invite your friends and family over. Turn up the music, give everyone boxes, bubble wrap, box tape and a Sharpie and put them to work. Packing is MUCH more fun when you've got pizza and friends around!


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