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Moving With No Forwarding Address: What do I do?

August 13th, 2013 - 2:57 PM

What to do when you’re moving without a forwarding address

It’s a scenario we’re familiar with: You’re moving, but not exactly sure where. The plan is to stay in temporary housing while you scope out neighborhoods to find the perfect place to live.

But what about the mail – where should you forward it?

And what about your stuff – where should the moving truck deliver it?

While you may feel alone, it’s a situation that’s actually quite common – especially with those moving long distance to rent an apartment. For one reason or another, apartment dwellers tend to wait until arriving to their new city to make a final decision.     

The good news is, moving without a forwarding address is an easy issue to work through.  Let’s talk about what to do with your mail, and what to do with your belongings when you don’t have a forwarding address.

How to Forward Your Mail without a Forwarding Address

As long as you at least know the city you’re moving to, you can have your mail forwarded to “General Delivery” at your local post office. Mail addressed this way can be held at the post office for up to 30 days while you get your new address established. You’ll just pick the mail up in person from the post office (make sure you have proper ID). If you’re moving to a city with multiple post office locations, call the post office ahead of time to determine which ZIP code to send it to (800-275-8777) – it’s typically the main office.

Visit the US Postal Service website for specific directions on how your mail should be addressed – you’ll find instructions on the General Delivery tab. Now all mail addressed to you will be forwarded here (with the exception of mail that’s not forwarded).

Once you decide on an apartment and get a permanent mailing address, fill out another Change of Address and mark this one as a correction. Use your new address as the forwarding address, and General Delivery as the old address.

How to Move Your Stuff without a Forwarding Address

If you don’t know your destination address when it’s time to reserve your move, but you’ll know it within a couple of days of it arriving at the destination – no problem! Go ahead and make your reservation using just the destination ZIP code. Then, call U-Pack back before delivery to add your new address.

If you’ll need longer than a couple of days to look for an apartment, or you’re not yet sure what city you’re moving to, U-Pack storage is a perfect solution. You load it once, and we’ll store it until you’re ready for delivery.  Getting an online quote is easy! Or, you can call a moving specialist at 800-413-4799 to discuss your options.  

With so many unknowns, moving without a forwarding address can feel super stressful. U-Pack is an expert at navigating these waters. By offering flexible options to fit your needs, moving without knowing your destination address isn’t a problem at all. If you have questions about moving your apartment with U-pack or about moving without a destination address, just leave a comment. We’ll be happy to help!