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Moving with Children

Posted By:
Becky Google+
4:25 PM

If you think about it, moving is as hard for kids as it is for adults. They're leaving behind familiar places and important friends just like we do. And, they're faced with a lot of "new" things, like finding new friends and starting a new school – that can be scary!

Here are some things to keep in mind while you're packing your kids' stuff. They're going to need lots of love, lots of time, and lots of attention to their feelings.

You might also consider the following tips to make the transition easier for the entire family:

  • If possible, pack your children's rooms last. They'll have toys to play with while you're packing the rest of the house. This might keep you from having to entertain them while you're packing and it might help keep their mind off of the move.
  • If you have children over 5 years old, allow them extra time to pack their own rooms and help them pack. What a great opportunity to talk about things your child may be worried about in regards to the move!
  • If your child has a toy or blanket or anything that has a special meaning to them, let them take it in the car or in a carry-on-bag.
  • Let your kids seal the moving boxes and write their names on the top. This will make them feel important (because they are) and that they had a part in the BIG move.
  • Here's an extra little tip that may not affect the kids, but might keep you from having wet boxes…make sure you drain all the water out of water guns or anything else that can hold water.  It would probably be a good idea to go ahead and line the box that you plan to pack these items in with plastic sheeting.  Just in case a little water was left inside on accident.

Happy Packing!


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