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Moving to Puerto Rico - Clearance and Taxes

Posted By:
Derek 1/30/2009
8:54 AM

If you're moving to Puerto Rico, there are some taxes and customs procedures that you will have to keep in mind.

SED form
In my last blog, I spoke a little about the Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) form. This form is required by the US Census Bureau on any items of more than $2,500 in value. Moving companies should file this for you, but there is usually a nominal fee for the filing. Secondly, moving companies will also charge a sales tax. This is paid to the government of Puerto Rico and is also a small amount, usually less than $30 regardless of the move size.

Clearing your items
When you're moving to Puerto Rico, upon arrival in San Juan you will be required to go to a tax/customs office. This is where you will clear the items you are shipping. ABF U-Pack does not require an itemized list of your items, unless you are declaring an item greater than $2,500 on the SED form. However, you will have to provide a fairly detailed list of items you are importing at the tax office. You will need to estimate the value/cost of your household goods. If any of the items are new, you will have to be exact with the value/cost and should have the receipt for the item if possible. If the tax officials feel like the value you have indicated is incorrect, they will research the cost. If there is a discrepancy, you can be penalized with additional fees.

After the tax office clears your items, they will provide a document that contains a tax release number. When you coordinate delivery with the ABF service center in San Juan, you'll need to provide the ABF service center with this number. They will verify the number online and schedule a delivery appointment with you.

Hopefully, this information will make moving to Puerto Rico easy.

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