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Derek 4/13/2012
1:17 PM

It’s Flashback Friday! Each week we take a look back at a blog post that has been helpful to our readers in the past. Today’s flashback relates to a place almost everyone would love to move to (or at least visit) – beautiful Hawaii. Keep reading to get information about how U-Pack storage works when you’re moving to Hawaii. Happy Friday!

If you’re moving to Hawaii, but you don’t have a place to live yet, no worries! U-Pack can provide affordable storage solutions.

The following are U-Pack’s options for moving and storage in Hawaii:

Store at your origin.
You can load your portable storage container(s) and store them at the ABF service center closest to the city you’re moving from. Your initial payment includes only the first month’s storage and the original drop-off and pick-up charges – storage is then charged every 30 days after. Then, when you’re ready for delivery, just call to tell us so send it on its way. There’s no charge for moving your goods to Hawaii until your shipment is on its way.

Storage in Los Angeles.
If you’re moving to Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island of Hawaii, but need storage – we can do it! We’ll just store at our Los Angeles, CA service center until you’re ready for delivery. Once you call to say you’re ready, we’ll put it on a ship destined for Hawaii. We’ll deliver it to our partner’s service center on Maui or the Big Island for you to unload. Payment works similar to storing at origin (mentioned earlier); your initial payment is for the move from your origin location to Los Angeles, plus the first 30 days of storage (storage payment is due every 30 days after). There’s no charge for moving your goods to Hawaii until your shipment is on its way.

Storage in Honolulu.
If you’re moving to the island of Oahu, we can store the ReloCube(s) at the Honolulu ABF service center. When you’re ready for deliver, just call us with the address and we’ll deliver it right to your door – in most cases, it should arrive within a day or two. Keep in mind that if the delivery location is not on the island of Oahu, and we store at the Honolulu terminal, the ReloCube(s) would have to be placed inside an ocean container for shipping. If this happens, your cost would increase.  

Deliver one, Store one.
If you decide to store in Honolulu, you’ve got another option. We call it split delivery. That simply means that if you’re using more than one ReloCube, you can load one with items that you need immediately, and one with items that go into storage. Then we can deliver one upon arrival in Honolulu, and store the other until you’re ready for deliver. This option is for the island of Oahu only.

Need more information about moving to Hawaii or U-Pack storage options? Get a free moving and storage quote, leave a comment below, or call 1-888-572-7422 for assistance. A U-Pack moving consultant will gladly help!

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