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Moving to Alaska in the Winter

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Alaska is like no other state in the nation, and the fact that it’s surrounded by the beauty of unspoiled wilderness makes moving there an exciting adventure. But a successful move to Alaska in the winter requires serious planning.

What to expect from a winter move to Alaska
Expect it to be cold, dark, and have lots of snow. Winter temperatures in Alaska vary depending on whether you’re moving to an outlying area like Anchorage or an interior city like Fairbanks (where temps often fall below 30° for weeks at a time). With cold temperatures and long nights, it’s important to be adequately prepared.

Of course, we recommend NOT taking on the task of driving a moving truck if you’re moving to Alaska in the winter. Instead, save money by loading and unloading on your own, and let professionals do the driving! U-Pack offers a great, affordable solution. Now, you can catch a flight or make the adventurous drive in your own (familiar) vehicle. Much easier.

Things to carry in your vehicle
This is good information whether you’re driving your own vehicle during the move, or have a vehicle to drive once you get there. Even though the snow-covered grounds are typically well-plowed, it’s still crucial to have survival gear readily available in your vehicle. Your survival kit should include: water, power bars, waterproof matches, fire starters, road flares, signaling mirror, flashlights, extra batteries, bandages, aspirin, disinfectant wipes, small camp shovel, multi-tool complete with knife, rain jacket/pants, safety pins, space blanket, garbage bags or poncho, wool blanket and socks, cord/twine, medications, etc.

The appropriate attire when you’re moving to Alaska in the winter
Again, it’s cold, so expect to dress in layers for warmth. Invest in quality snow boots, wind resistant coats, base layers, etc. – a lack of preparation in extreme cold can take a deadly turn.

Mentally preparing for a move to Alaska
Have you ever heard of Seasonal affective disorder? It’s sometimes called “winter blues,” or “winter depression.” And it’s a true disorder, marked by “normal” mental health through most of the year, but depressive symptoms during the winter. It’s especially prevalent in Alaska during the winter, when sunlight is sparse. Consider purchasing sun lamps or light boxes to help combat the winter blues. Also, be social and find reasons to leave the house as much as possible – visit the local coffee shop, have dinner parties, or lunch dates on a regular basis.

And though it’s dark, spend as much time as you can outside, because Alaska winters are simply extraordinary!

Go U-Pack! It’s the ideal way to move to Alaska in the winter! Get a free, no-obligation moving quote today!

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