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Moving to Alaska

July 13th, 2015 - 3:25 PM

Relocating to Alaska?

As you prepare for your journey north, it’s important to consider how you’ll move your household goods to Alaska. While there are several options to choose from, none can compare to the convenience, ease, and affordability U-Pack® offers. Use this guide to plan your move to the Last Frontier from start to finish.

moving to Alaska

How do I move my furniture to Alaska?

U-Pack, a “you pack, we drive” moving company, is an ideal solution for shipping your items to Alaska. Your belongings will travel directly to Alaska from the U.S. – not through Canada. Here’s how it works:

  • You pack and load a trailer, ReloCube, or ocean container
  • It travels to Tacoma, WA to sail to Alaska (we don’t unload or transfer your items)
  • Once it arrives, we’ll deliver to your new home
  • You unload and we pick up the empty equipment

Since you don’t have to move your household belongings yourself (like you would with truck rental), you can drive in the comfort of your personal vehicle or move to Alaska without driving a car – whatever works best for you!

How much does it cost to move to Alaska?

It depends on the specifics of your move, such as when you’re moving, how much you’re moving, and where you’re moving from. If you’re interested in an affordable move that doesn’t require driving a rental truck or moving your items through Canada, try U-Pack!

Get a free online moving quote, or get a quote instantly by calling 800-413-4799.

What’s the cheapest way to move to Alaska?

Many people say U-Pack is cheapest, and here are a few reasons why:

  • U-Pack takes care of the driving, which is typically the hardest part of the move
  • You pay by the amount of space you use, not the weight of your items
  • U-Pack uses carriers with efficient transportation systems to move your items
  • Fuel, transportation, and taxes are included in your quote. There are no extra costs

Compared to truck rental and full-service, U-Pack is on mission to help you save as much as possible on your Alaska move.

Should I use a trailer, ReloCube, or ocean container?

The type of equipment you use depends on where you’re moving and how much you’re moving. While each option is a bit different, they each offer a common benefit – your belongings aren’t co-mingled with others’ belongings or unloaded at any point during the move. If you use a full-service company, your belongings could be co-mingled or transferred.

Here’s what you can expect with each equipment type from U-Pack:

  • The Ocean Container is ideal for large moves. It can be delivered door-to-door in many areas where the trailer isn’t able to go. Unlike the trailer, the cost for a 40’ ocean container is on a “per container” basis.
  • The ReloCube is best for smaller moves and moves that don’t require door delivery. One 6’ x 7’ x 8’ container holds approximately one room of furnishings. You can reserve as many Cubes as you want, and only pay for the ones you fill.

Need help choosing the right equipment for your move? Call us at 800-413-4799 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How long will it take to move to Alaska?

U-Pack ships out of Tacoma twice per week, so transit times average about 8-15 business days (depending on where you’re moving from).

What locations in Alaska does U-Pack service?

U-Pack delivers to many locations in the state; however, there are some areas where the terrain or distance from the service center prevents door delivery. Check serviceability in your area now – call an Alaska moving specialist at 800-413-4799 with your Alaska ZIP code.

When should I reserve my move to Alaska?

We recommend booking your move 4-8 weeks in advance. However, if you’re planning a last-minute move, we can normally accommodate you with as little as two weeks’ notice.  If you have to move immediately, please call a moving consultant at 800-413-4799 for assistance.

What if I need storage with my move?

If you need to store your belongings before you settle into your new home, U-Pack can help. You can set up storage at the service center where you currently live, or at the service center in Tacoma. If you choose storage in Tacoma, call us whenever you’re ready for delivery and we’ll put your Cube, trailer, or container on a ship bound for Alaska. It usually takes 5-7 business days to ship from Tacoma.

Can I get help moving to Alaska?

While U-Pack doesn’t provide moving labor services, we refer customers looking for unloading help in Anchorage to Moving Staffers™.

Can I ship my motorcycle to Alaska?

Absolutely. U-Pack is a great solution for moving your motorcycle, especially if you’re also shipping household goods with it. All we ask is that you drain the fluids, and load and secure your motorcycle into the trailer, Cube, or ocean container.

Can I ship my car to Alaska?

While U-Pack isn’t equipped to ship vehicles, we refer customers with auto shipping needs to uShip.

What if I just need to ship a few things to Alaska?

If you have a couple pieces of furniture, a few boxes, a palletized or non-palletized shipment, or other items to ship to Alaska, you have options. Read our post on moving a small load long distance to see what works best for you.

How do I pack and load my things for a move to Alaska?

We have some great packing tips and loading tips to help you pack like a pro. We also provide a handy “Do Not Ship” list so you know what you can and can’t pack into the equipment.

Can I move to Alaska with guns?

You can’t move your guns or ammunition with U-Pack (they’re items listed on our do not ship list). Other options include taking your guns into Canada with you (read about bringing weapons into Canada), taking them with you on the plane (TSA firearm guidelines), or taking them with you on the ferry (AMHS policies).

I’m in the military. Can U-Pack move me to Alaska?

Yes! U-Pack moves military members and their families to Alaska quite often. Call 800-413-4799 and a moving consultant will help you get started. You can also check out our guide on PCSing to Alaska for more information.

Ready to begin your Alaskan adventure?

U-Pack is ready to help! Call 800-413-4799 or get a moving quote online. And, if you have more questions about moving to Alaska, leave a comment below. Happy moving!