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Moving to Alaska

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Moving to Alaska
Besides buying an entirely new wardrobe for the freezing cold temperatures, what else do you need to think about if you’re moving to Alaska? You may be wondering: What options do I have for moving my belongings? How much is moving to Alaska going to cost me? Should I sell everything and just re-buy when I get there? Do I have to drive a truck through treacherous terrain? Can’t I just fly and not have to worry about anything?

You do have options other than driving a rental truck through the mountains and paying a ton for full-service movers, and it is an affordable alternative.

The most affordable option for moving to Alaska is the “you pack, we drive” option that U-Pack offers. You’ll typically find this to be significantly less expensive than the full-service moving option (even if you hire moving help to load/unload). You can move to Alaska with U-Pack using a moving trailer, moving containers, or an ocean container.

If you need to find out the price for moving to Alaska with U-Pack, you can get a FREE, no-obligation moving quote from U-Pack.

Small Alaskan Move
If your move is small—such as one room, or a studio apartment—U-Pack’s moving container (the ReloCube) is a great option. You’ll notice a significant cost savings with this moving option because service is limited to delivery at our Anchorage ABF service center. You’ll just unload your belongings there and move them to your ultimate destination either in your personal vehicle or a rental truck.

Large Alaskan Move
If you have a larger move, or need door-to-door delivery, the trailer option is probably a good fit for you. With this option we can delivery your trailer to most of the major cities (as well as some small ones), and military bases (like Elmendorf AFB)—perfect if you’re doing a military relocation.

Other options for moving to Alaska
If you happen to be moving to a location where we do not offer door delivery, you also have the option of using a 40 ft. ocean container. Similar to the trailer and ReloCube, with this option your belongings are not co-mingled with other household goods shipments.

How long does moving to Alaska take?
Whatever option you choose for moving to Alaska, it’s a good idea to consider how long it will take your shipment to get there. When you’re getting moving quotes, make sure to ask how long it takes. Most moving services cannot guarantee the arrival date since it travels by ship, but there can be a huge difference in transit times from company to company. When you move to Alaska with U-pack, typically once your shipment reaches Tacoma, WA to be placed on the ship, it takes around 5 to 7 days to get to Anchorage.

How much does moving to Alaska cost?
That’s an easy question to answer with a U-Pack moving quote. Just enter some basic information about your move (where you’re moving form, an estimated moving date, and how much you’re moving) and we’ll email a quote within 24-hours (FYI, if it’s after hours on Saturday, you’ll get the quote Monday). You can also call us at 800-413-4799 to get an instant quote by phone.

If you have any questions about moving to Alaska, be sure to let us know. If we don’t know the answer we’ll try our best to point you in the right direction.

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