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Moving in a PODS® Container vs. a U-Pack ReloCube

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It's Flashback Friday! Today's the day we revisit a blog post that readers have found helpful in the past. This week's favorite discusses how PODS® containers compare to ReloCubes. Happy Friday!!

They’re sleek, compact and durable. No, I’m not referring to the latest compact car. I’m talking about portable storage containers – specifically the U-Pack ReloCube. Such a great moving option.

It gets dropped off (ground level) in your driveway. You load it, and either store it or have it moved to the driveway of your new home. Talk about convenience.

You’ve likely seen advertising for several types of containers – in fact, you may have even seen them sitting in driveways and parking lots across your city. Two of the most popular companies offering portable moving and storage containers are U-Pack and PODS®. Here’s a look at how they compare. 

First, if you’re looking for a price comparison, getting online moving quotes is quick and easy. Simply enter some basic information about your move (if you need storage, make sure to select “provide storage rates”) and you’ll see your price instantly. Your U-Pack quote may show pricing for linear footage in a moving trailer, ReloCube(s) or both. If you don’t see an option you’re interested in, give us a call at 800-413-4799 to adjust your quote.

Now, let’s compare the PODS® container to the ReloCube

Container build and size
Both the PODS® container and the ReloCube are metal, weatherproof containers. Where they differ primarily is size. ReloCubes come in one size – 6’ x 7’ x 8’ (lwh). PODS® containers come in three sizes – the smallest is comparable to the ReloCube, and the largest is 16’ x 8’ x 8’.

At first glance, the larger PODS® container may appear to be a better solution – but here’s the great thing about ReloCubes:  you can reserve as many as you need, and only pay for the ones you use. What happens if you don’t fill the entire PODS® container? You still pay for it. Score one for the ReloCube.

Customers with parking issues are big fans of the ReloCube. It fits perfectly into a standard-size parking space. If you’re moving from or to an apartment, that’s a definite perk!

Service Area
If you’ve already contacted PODS® for a quote, you may have experienced difficulties with serviceability – in other-words, they may not have been able to deliver a PODS® container to your door at your origin or destination. Now ask U-Pack. What you’ll find is that U-Pack offers a much wider service area. With door-to-door service to over 90% of the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico), it’s very likely that your location is a point U-Pack services direct with the ReloCube or the moving trailer. Your U-Pack moving quote will indicate whether U-Pack services your location direct.

If you haven’t considered how your belongings will travel across the country if you move in a PODS® container, it’s something to think (and ask) about. While PODS® does local pick-up and delivery with their own equipment, transportation across the country is primarily brokered out to a variety of transportation providers. U-Pack’s primary transportation provider, ABF Freight System, Inc. is recognized as one of the safest, most reputable carriers in the industry. Knowing who is handling your household goods in transit is important. 

Not only is ABF reputable, the company also offers an award-winning line haul system that allows your belongings to move quickly and safely across the country. What does that have to do with price? Low damage claims and faster transit times mean less cost, and U-Pack passes those savings on to you. In fact, price may just be one thing that sets ReloCubes and PODS® containers apart the farthest. You’ll almost always see lower prices with U-Pack. If you haven’t yet, try getting an instant moving quote from U-Pack and compare.

Here are a few other things to consider: With U-Pack, there’s no down-payment or deposit, you get 24/7 online tracking, and U-Pack also offers reasonably priced options like storage (both on-site and no-transfer) and guaranteed delivery.

Go U-Pack
Sure, I’m partial. But I think after your compare the perks of moving in a ReloCube to moving in a PODS® container, the ReloCube will stand out as the best option. If you need more questions answered before you make a decision, feel free to ask. We’re here to help. Call 800-413-4799 or leave a comment below.

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