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Moving Container or Trailer?

By Derek
October 9th, 2008 - 3:46 PM

A lot of people ask me how to decide which moving services they should choose – ReloCube or trailer? To be perfectly honest, it is not as cut and dry as you might think. You really could go either way just based on your preferences. So, let me lay out some advantages of both options and hopefully, this will help you decide.

Is Parking an Issue?
If it is, I recommend the ReloCube – it's a great moving and storage container. It's small and fits into a standard sized parking space. This is ideal if you live in an apartment complex or a city where parking is at a premium.

Speaking of apartment complexes…
We've found that most apartment managers don't mind the ReloCube since it's small. However, we always recommend that you ask before we get there. Many times they will have a specific place they want us to place the Cube. Sometimes apartment managers will allow the trailer in, but may have restrictions on where to park it and how long it can be there. Bottom line – if you're moving to or from an apartment, check on parking first.

Moving a lot of stuff?
If so, a Moving trailer is probably the way to go. If you've got a 3-bedroom home or larger the trailer just makes sense. It's larger and can usually accommodate up to a 4-bedroom home. And, I think you'll like one of the great features of a trailer move – the 'per foot adjustment rate'. You only pay for the space you use. And, if you've got an extremely large move – Good News! It's easy to request a second trailer.

Security an Issue?
I preface this section by saying that ABF Freight, our primary transportation provider, is the safest, most experienced trucking company in the nation. So, you dont' have to worry about your items being stolen. However, I understand that you may not be familiar with ABF Freight or U-Pack, so you may have concerns about the security of your items. If this is the case, go with the ReloCube. You can place your own padlocks on the ReloCube(s), so you know nothing has been tampered with when it arrives at your destination.

Need Storage?
Either option will work! We offer self storage in the ReloCube or the trailer. Either way, your items will be stored inside the equipment you loaded it into, at a secure service center. That's right. We do not touch your items even if you load into one of our trailers. We store the trailer just as you loaded it. Your items are not transferred to a storage area/warehouse and then reloaded when you are ready for delivery.

So, what do you need? The ReloCube storage container or the trailer? Well, in the end, it depends on your situation. But hopefully, this information has helped you determine which may be the best option for your move.