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Moving Cars and Shipping Cars

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Car Shipping Tips
If you’re planning a long-distance move and trying to figure out whether you should hire a car shipping company or not, the information below was designed to help.

First, let me point out that one of the great things about moving your household goods with U-Pack is that you don’t have to drive the moving truck – U-Pack does that for you. Instead you can get to your new home in your own vehicle, or catch a plane – whatever works best for you. Occasionally, people move with U-Pack and drive their own car, but still have a vehicle they need to ship. Though U-Pack isn’t able to transport vehicles, when customers have a need for auto shipping services, we refer them to a company called Auto & Boat Relocation Services.

If you choose to ship your car, here are some tips that should prove helpful:

Tips for moving cars

  • While in most cases U-Pack can guarantee an exact delivery date when you add U-Pack Guaranteed, most car shipping companies cannot guarantee exact delivery dates. Typically, there will be a window time for delivery that varies on the type of service you receive and which company you choose. If you do find a car shipper that guarantees a specific delivery date, get it in writing.
  • Read this concise Auto Transport Checklist and these Frequently Asked Questions provided by Auto & Boat Relocation Services. It has specific steps you should take to prepare your car for shipping.
  • Most U-Pack moves are completed in just 2-5 business days. But the moving of your car could take 2-6 six weeks (depending on the distance it will travel). This is pretty standard for a car shipping service, so make sure you’re prepared!
  • Don’t forget about insurance. What I have learned is that there is a law that requires the ‘vehicle carrier’ to fully insure your vehicle against damage or theft while it is in their possession. Carrier is the key word here, not broker. But it only insures your car and its original equipment. Always ask about deductibles and always read the fine print. You can ask the potential auto shipping company for a copy of their insurance certificate, as they are legally required to provide this to you. I suggest verifying the certificate with the Department of Transportation at www.safersys.org.
  • Take your time at delivery to inspect your car. When your vehicle is delivered to your new home, be sure to compare the condition and mileage against the inspection report you signed at the beginning of the move. Unless unavoidable, I recommend not accepting your car at night or without viewing it. If you discover any exceptions to the original inspection and mileage, make certain the driver notes it on the delivery receipt.
  • Understand how the process works. Before you sign the dotted line, be sure to ask exactly how the auto shipping move works. You’ll want to get every little detail so you don’t feel out of the loop.

While car moving is not available with U-Pack, you can coordinate your U-Pack move with your auto shipment so that all you have to worry about is getting yourself to your new home.

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