Moving a Sofa - Will it fit in a ReloCube?

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Jeremy 9/21/2011
8:53 AM

Questions about the U-Pack service often revolve around what will fit inside the ReloCube (U-Pack's equivalent to a PODS® container).  One of the questions we get most often (next to "will a mattress fit into a ReloCube?") is, "Will my sofa fit into a ReloCube?"  This is a little more difficult to answer than the mattress question - which we'll talk about in a future post - but only because sofas come in so many shapes and sizes. So pull out your measuring tape, it's going to require that you measure the length of your sofa to determine if it'll fit into the ReloCube.

Now, let's talk about the internal dimensions of the ReloCube.  It's 70" x 83" x 93" (DWH).  Here's an illustration of what it looks like inside: ReloCube Dimensions.

If your sofa measures between 83"-92" in length, you should be able to fit it into the ReloCube just fine – providing you can stand it on-end.  In fact, many manufacturers recommend that you avoid stacking items on top of the sofa (to avoid damage to the cushions and springs), so loading it on its end may be the best route regardless of its size.  We recommend first wrapping it securely in furniture pads and placing extra padding on the arm against the floor. Then secure it to the side of the ReloCube using utility rope or moving straps.  These can be purchased through the U-Pack Box Store.  You'll find plenty of tie-off points inside the Cube to secure your sofa and other belongings.

If you're still not sure if it'll fit into the ReloCube, or through your door for that matter, this article offers some good tips: Will my sofa fit through the door?  

Though the following tips aren't related to fitting a sofa into a ReloCube, they may prove helpful when you're moving your sofa in or out:

  • If the sofa's legs are removable, remove them, place them in a bag and attach them to the sofa with packing tape (if the fabric will allow).
  • Remove sofa cushions and place them in plastic bags.
  • Use cardboard or try cutting a slit down the length of two swimming pool noodles to place around door frames while you're moving your sofa in or out— this will protect both the material on your furniture and the door frames from damage.
  • If you're moving a sleeper sofa (hide-a-bed), secure the bed mechanism to the sofa's frame to prevent it from opening when it's lifted and placed on its side. You'll actually tie it down in two places.  First you'll need about 6-8 feet of strong utility rope or moving straps to wrap around the folded bed mechanism and secure to the front of the sofa frame. Then you'll need 2-3 feet of utility rope or strap to tie the bed mechanism handle to the sofa frame.

If you have more questions about what will fit in a ReloCube, call one of our experts at 800-413-4799 and let us know.  We'll be glad to help!

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