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Moving a large screen TV

By Jeremy
March 18th, 2013 - 10:00 AM

Whether you have a flat screen, plasma, LED, LCD, or 3D TV, It DOES matter how you move your TV!

Most people own flat panel TVs. However, there are many different types of TVs out there. With the changing technology, it can be difficult to remember the guidelines for each type. If you are relocating, you need to know how to move your TV. Whether you're moving a plasma TV or an LCD model, you'll want to protect your investment so you can enjoy it in your new home. Here are a few tips for keeping your flat panel TV safe and sound during a move cross country.

When moving a large TV, never lay it on its side.

No matter what type of TV you have, this is the cardinal rule. Flat panel TVs are made of lightweight glass, and when you lay the TV on its side, you are putting too much pressure on the glass. While they provide a great picture, those thin screens can't support the weight of the TV's inner workings if laid flat. Don't risk causing permanent damage: when moving a large screen TV, avoid tilting it more than 15 degrees and never lay it on its side.

Also, if you have the original packing, use it.

I know this sounds a little ridiculous to some of you— who keeps huge, empty boxes just lying around? But you would be surprised how many of us actually do keep the original packaging sometimes. If that's the case, this is usually the safest option for moving a plasma TV (or LCD, LED…you get the idea). The sturdy box construction and packing inserts will keep your flat panel TV from shifting; it will also guard against rubbing or scratching.  

If you don’t have the original materials, you can find a TV box. First, check with a local electronics store to see if you can snag the box from a display model, or even a discarded box from another customer's delivery/in-home installation. You may also be able to buy a box from a local hardware store to fit your large screen TV.

Packing Your Large Screen TV if You Don’t Have a Box

We do recommend using a box, but we know that not all of our customers will be able to locate one. If you have to pack your TV without the original box, use these steps.

  • Wrap the TV in several layers of packing material. You can use paper paddingmoving blankets, or both. I recommend putting at least 2 layers on the screen portion of the TV.
  • Be sure to tape the packing material on the TV to keep it in place during transit (but don’t tape to the surface of the TV!).
  • Next, you have options.
    • You can use the original box, or purchase a TV Box
  • Remember to keep the TV upright even during packing (that step may take 2 people).

Moving a TV – Different Types of TVs

Moving a Plasma TV. Plasma TVs have a double layer of glass with gas inside. The double layer of glass is extra fragile, so take care to wrap the screen well. Be sure and move the plasma TV upright, and don’t stack anything on top of it. Plasma TVs suffer the most damage when laid flat, as the two layers of glass can be really heavy and fragile, a difficult combination.

Moving an LCD TV. LCD TVs are really lightweight, so you may be tempted to move it solo. However, be sure and use help so you keep the TV upright and safe. There are a thin layer of crystals in-between the display class (it is called a liquid crystal display – LCD), so be sure you protect the screen well to protect the glass and liquid inside.

Moving an LED TV. An LED TV is really an LED backlit LCD, so take the same precautions moving an LED TV as you would when moving an LCD TV. Keep LED TVs upright and protected when moving.

Moving a 3D TV. 3D TVs can come in plasma or LED. Find out which type you have and follow the directions for moving. If your 3D TV has glasses, be sure you pack those in bubble wrap to protect them when moving. Pack the glasses with your remotes, so you keep all the electronic accessories together.

If you’re moving a plasma, LCD, LED, or 3D TV, it's only natural to use a reputable moving service for all of your belongings. U-Pack provides affordable, safe moving for your stuff. And here is the best part – you are able to pack and load your stuff the way you want, but U-Pack does all the driving! Your stuff never gets unloaded and reloaded, so there is no risk for damage during transfer. Get a free moving quote online to see how much your move would cost, or call U-Pack at 800-413-4799.

If you have more questions about moving a large screen TV, or moving with U-Pack, just leave a comment below.