Movable Storage Containers

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Movable Storage Containers

Storage units can come in pretty handy sometimes, especially when you're moving. Moving storage containers can be used for things like staging your home to help it sell, or even for temporarily storing items until you're able to get settled into your new place. The only problem is having to lug your items back and forth across town to the storage place. Then there's the transportation factor: you may have to rent a moving truck just to get your items to and from the storage lot. And all that work is just for the storage— you'll still have to load/re-load your items when it comes time to actually move!

And now for the good news: movable storage containers take care of those problems. U-Pack's ReloCube® is a 6'x7'x8' weatherproof movable storage container that you're able to put your own lock on for extra security. ReloCubes can be delivered to your door for easy loading/unloading, then stored at an ABF Service Center nearest to your origin or destination.   U-Pack's movable storage containers can even be stored on-site at your home for additional loading/unloading time— all at your convenience.

If you're looking for a few more reasons to use movable storage containers instead of going the traditional moving and storage route, consider these points:

  • Movable storage containers are actually comparable in price to brick-and-mortar storage units— since the ReloCube® comes to you, you'll save time and gas going to and from a storage place.
  • Used in conjunction with a move cross country, movable storage containers help you save even more by eliminating the need for a rental truck— once you're ready, your ReloCube can be moved practically anywhere in the U.S within 2 to 5 business days.

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