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Miss America Pageant Watch Party Ideas and Printable Score Sheet

September 1st, 2015 - 2:19 PM

Celebrate the Miss America Pageant with a Party!

A great way to show your pride in your new hometown is by cheering on your Miss America contestant. It’s the perfect time to throw a party—complete with themed snacks and a friendly competition with your friends to pick the new Miss America using our printable score sheet.

Here are some ideas for your very own Miss America watch party. It will be Sunday, September 13 at 9 PM EST on ABC.

Miss America Watch Party Theme Ideas

Of course, the nature of the pageant is glitzy and glamorous. Choose party themes that revolve around lots of glitter and pink! Easily host a glitz party with lots of sparkly décor. You might call this theme “Sparkle and Shine.” Invite party guests to wear fancy dresses (or even more fun: find old prom gowns at thrift stores!) and give everyone a crown when they come in. Find cheap party crowns in the party section of your local dollar store. Another theme idea is a state celebration! For this “Party Across America” theme, you could highlight foods from across the country, like Washington State Apple Cider, or Texas Tex-Mex salsa and chips. Have each guest bring a dish related to a state!

Miss America Watch Party Food Ideas

The pageant is pretty long (lasting several hours), so be prepared with plenty of snacks to go along with it. Serve the typical party foods, or go glamorous with some snacks like this pink popcorn! It’s the perfect snack to pop while waiting on the Top 5 to answer their on-stage question. Get the recipe from “Cravings of a Lunatic” here.

Pink Popcorn

Another crowd favorite is sure to be this crown cake. Wilton not only sells the crown cake pan, but gives you a recipe and directions here!

Crown cake

Miss America Watch Party Activities

While watching Miss America, use the time during live commercial breaks for fun activities. If your guests dress up for the party, hold a quick fashion show to check out everyone’s fancy attire. Another fun game is purse bingo. You make a list of items that might be found in purses (some more obscure than others) and give points if the guest has any of those items in their handbag. Some sample items might be: checkbook, lipstick, toothbrush, diaper, gum, bobby pin, and hairbrush. The guest who earns the most points wins!

One of the most popular Miss America watch party pastimes is to play armchair judge for the contestants. We’ve created a printable Miss America score sheet so you can print out this ballot and play along from home This judge’s score sheet splits up scoring by pageant category, so you can compete with your friends to correctly guess the winners.

Click the example scoring sheet below to download your own. Use this printable while watching Miss America to pick the winner.