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I am moving a motorcycle? Can U-Pack help?

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How to Move a Motorcycle
When talking about moving a motorcycle, you’ve hit a place where two of my interests intersect: moving and riding. I love being on the open road. My husband rides motorcycles, and while I don’t drive my own, I adore being his passenger and feeling the wind whip by. I’ve got to admit, riding a motorcycle is pretty thrilling. But, trying to move one… not so much. In fact, some moving companies won’t move them. So how do you move a motorcycle? What does it cost to move a motorcycle?

Moving Your Motorcycle with U-Pack. U-Pack is a great solution for your bike. Not only does U-Pack allow a motorcycle in your shipment along with your household goods, but you get plenty of space, you can secure your bike, and you don’t have to drive the moving truck.

  • There’s Plenty of Space. With U-Pack, you pay only for the space you use, and while there’s a minimum space requirement of 5 linear feet in the moving trailer, or 1 ReloCube, you can use as much space as you need.

    You can certainly move just one motorcycle, but where you’ll see the big savings is when you move your household goods and motorcycle(s) within the same shipment. Use U-Pack’s Space Estimator Tools to estimate how much space you’ll need.

  • Tie-downs throughout. In order for your motorcycles (and household goods for that matter) to travel safely, you’ll need to make sure they're secured tightly inside the ReloCube or moving trailer. You sure don’t want to simply rest your bike on the kick-stand while it travels across the country.

    The best way to secure a motorcycle is by using ratchet straps. All ReloCubes are equipped with anchor points throughout that make securing your shipment (and motorcycle) easier. Almost every trailer is also equipped with anchor points along the walls; you can also create your own anchor points and bracings by using the wood strips along the trailer walls and floor. If you’re packing other items in your shipment, you’ll want to protect your bike against nicks or scratches. U-Pack’s plastic stretch wrap works great for protecting any metal or painted areas on your bike. Before you start loading, make sure to check out U-Pack’s Loading Tips to ensure your shipment travels safely.   

  • Don’t worry about driving. U-Pack is a “you pack, we drive” service. This means that you load your stuff inside a trailer or ReloCube, and then U-Pack drives your stuff to your new home. You don’t have to worry about hauling a trailer with your motorcycle and the rest of your stuff. You are free to travel however you want to your new home, and U-Pack brings your stuff door-to-door. This makes U-Pack really convenient.

How do you move your motorcycle with U-Pack?

Drain fluids. To move your motorcycle with U-Pack, you’ll need to first drain it of all flammable fluids. This can be done fairly easily by you, or at a reasonable cost by any bike shop. Once the fluids are drained, your motorcycle is ready to be loaded into the ReloCube or moving trailer, just be sure to secure it in the trailer.

What is the cost of moving my motorcycle?

U-Pack is typically a great affordable option for motorcycle transportation. However, the prices vary based on where you are moving to/from, and how much stuff you’re moving. But you can easily figure out your price with a moving quote.

Get a quote! To see how much it costs to move your motorcycle with U-Pack, get a free moving quote online or call 800-413-4799. You’ll typically find prices that are much more affordable than traditional motorcycle transport companies.

Have more questions about shipping a motorcycle with U-Pack? Leave a comment below or give us a call. We’ll be glad to help.

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