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How to Lift Boxes to Avoid Injury

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What’s the best way to lift a heavy box?

Moving—whether it’s locally or long-distance—almost always requires lifting heavy moving boxes. We spent time researching what Mayo Clinic and other reputable health experts had to say about the best way to lift heavy objects (like boxes) to avoid injury. Here's what we found.  

Before you lift the box

  • Clear a path, making sure there are no obstacles that could cause you to fall or trip while taking the box to the moving truck.
  • Wear non-slip, closed-toed shoes to prevent slipping and stubbing your toes.
  • Stretch before lifting so your muscles are warmed-up.

Steps to lift a heavy box

  1. Examine the box by checking its shape, condition, and contents. If it’s too heavy to lift by yourself, you may need some help from a friend, or use a moving dolly.
  2. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Look straight ahead.
  4. Keep your back straight and kneel to grip the box. Get a firm grip on the box.
  5. Lift up slowly with your legs—not your back. It’s important to always let your legs do the work.
  6. Push your body up into a standing position. Keep your back straight as you stand back up.
  7. Hold the box close to your body to avoid straining your arm muscles.
  8. Turn with your feet, not your torso, to begin moving the box to the moving truck.
  9. Walk slow and steady to the moving truck.
  10. Bend your legs and kneel, keeping your back straight, to put the box down.
  1. Release your grip once the box is securely on the surface.

Now you know best practices for properly lifting a heavy moving box!

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