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How to Get Your Home Ready for the Movers and Packers

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While U-Pack is a “you pack, we drive” service, some people still need help with packing and loading but don’t want to spend a lot on full-service moving. U-Pack’s solution is to recommend experienced movers and packers on an hourly basis to help with the big stuff.  

If you’ve decided to get help with this portion of your move, it’s important to get your home ready so the movers and packers are able to work quickly and efficiently. If you’re anything like me, you’ll do pretty much anything to save a few bucks and make life easier. That’s exactly what will happen if you can get things prepared ahead of time. So what can you do to get ready for the movers and packers? The two “P’s”—Purge and Prepare.

Purge your home.
Your U-Pack price is based on the space your shipment fills in the trailer, or the number of containers you use. Along with that, the labor help U-Pack refers charges by the hour (2 hour minimum). So if your home is organized and ready to go, they are able to work much more efficiently. To get ready for the movers and packers, I suggest starting the “purging process” at least 2 months before your move. Go room-by-room, putting things into piles of “keep,” “sell,” “donate,” and “trash.” Be sure to look in drawers, closets, and containers in each room, and don’t forget the garage and attic (places a lot of people forget about until moving day comes around). Starting early gives you time to thoughtfully go through your belongings and take your time deciding what goes and what stays. You could donate unwanted items or have a garage sale.  

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Prepare your belongings. There are some items that require a little preparation before the movers arrive. I recommend making a list of any furniture or appliances that require disassembly or special preparation before moving. These things may include the washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, water beds, etc. Hopefully you kept the user manuals to determine the best way to prepare them for moving or disassembly. If you didn’t, you may be able to find a copy online at Manuals Online.  Your moving help will provide tools for minor disassembly (bed frames, mirrors, etc.) If you’re moving a large TV or other electronics, it’s best to pack them using their original boxes and packing materials. Check to see if they’re available. If they’re not, check with your local electronics store to see if they have similar boxes that will work. This post maybe helpful for moving your television: Moving a Television.

Prepare your home. Examine doorways and walkways before the movers arrive. Make sure your furniture can fit through the door frames. You might need to remove door trim or take doors off hinges to allow for items to move through the doorways. Also check for rugs or carpet that might be hazardous during the move. You may also want to cover any special flooring with plastic to protect it during the move.

If you like the idea of saving money with a U-Pack move, but need some help with the “big stuff,” call a U-Pack moving specialist at 800-413-4799. We can recommend a solution that makes moving affordable for customers who want to avoid the high price of traditional full-service movers, but still need movers and packers to help.

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