How to Calculate Linear Feet

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Linear Feet Calculator

Sometimes moving terms can be unclear. “Linear foot” is one term we use a lot around here, but you may be a little confused about what a linear foot is and how to calculate linear footage.

Let me clear up the definition: A linear foot is the same as a regular foot measurement, 12 inches. If something is 6 linear feet, it is 6 feet long.

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Why are linear feet important when moving?

Well, they aren’t always important.  With some moving services, your shipment will be measured by weight, or you will just use an entire rental truck. However, some services, like U-Pack, determine your move cost based on linear feet. When moving, linear feet are used to show you how much space you use. For example, if you use 12 linear feet of space with U-Pack, you get 12 full feet in length inside the moving trailer, but you also get to use the width (8 feet) and height (9 feet) of the trailer. So 12 linear feet is really 12’ x 8’ x 9’ of space.

Think about it this way: a U-Pack trailer is 28’ x 8’ x 9’. If you think of it like a loaf of bread with 28 slices, each “slice” is a linear foot. How many “slices” you need depends on how much you are moving.  A studio apartment will take about 5 feet, or 5 “slices,” while a larger home may need the whole trailer, or all 28 “slices.” (All this bread talk.  Now I want a sandwich.)

Back to moving. If you want to determine how many linear feet you need when moving, we have a couple different linear feet calculators for you!

Determine How Many Linear Feet You’ll Need to Move

It’s important to calculate your linear footage needs before moving because the amount of space you’ll need will determine your moving cost. So if you can determine how much space you’ll need before your move, you can stick to your budget.

To quickly calculate your linear footage, click here for our simple space estimator, truck rental estimator, or storage building estimator. To get more detailed, use the Room-by-Room space estimator. You can see how many linear feet you’ll need based on the size of your home. Then you can get a free moving quote and see how much your move will cost.

Use what you need! Flexible moving options with U-Pack.

It doesn’t matter what your linear foot estimate is, you have flexibility with U-Pack. If you think you’ll need 12 feet of space, you reserve 12 feet. But when moving day comes, if you need more space, just use more. Your rate will be adjusted accordingly (you get a “per foot rate” on your moving quote showing you the price per foot). Or, if you are super-packer and manage to fit everything into 10 feet, you’ll only pay for 10 feet! U-Pack takes the headache out of moving. It’s flexible and affordable – the perfect combo!

If you have any questions about calculating your linear footage or moving with U-Pack, just leave a comment. We’re happy to help! Or check out these other helpful resources for more information.

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