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How much money should you save before moving out of state?

March 10th, 2014 - 3:39 PM

Thinking about an out-of-state move?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Lots of people think about moving to a new state, but actually making the move? Well, that costs money. And in case you haven’t heard, moving isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to do. That’s why saving is so important. You not only want to have the means to make the move, but enough to get settled in after. So how much should you save? Great question.

How much should you save before moving out of state?

How much money should you save before moving out of state?

While we’d love to tell you approximately how much to save, that’s just not realistic. Your move is unique, and that means the amount of money you save will be unique, too. Take a look at our list of costs you could encounter from a move out of state:

Costs to save for during the move

  • Transportation
  • Moving supplies (sturdy moving boxes, packing paper, etc.)
  • Extra moving costs (damage protection, fuel, taxes, etc.)
  • Soft costs (lodging, food, tolls, etc.)

Let’s stop here and talk transportation. You know that any type of full-service mover is out of the question – way too expensive. So you turn to some sort of do-it-yourself option like truck rental or a “you pack, we drive” company like U-Pack®.

U-Pack is a great option to consider if you want to save on your move without driving a rental truck. In most cases, U-Pack prices are comparable to truck rental, meaning that you can still stay within budget. And instead of sitting behind the wheel of a rental, you can opt to fly or drive your personal vehicle while U-Pack drives your belongings to your new place. Much better, right?

A U-Pack quote includes the driver, fuel, taxes, tolls, and standard liability coverage. Get a free quote online or by calling 800-413-4799 to compare rates. Oh, and when you reserve, use coupon code “BLOG25” to get $25 off!

Now that’ you’re thinking numbers, let’s talk about costs you might encounter to settle in:

Costs to save for after the move

  • Daily Living Expenses (groceries, clothing, etc.)
  • Housing (rent or mortgage)
  • Driver’s license and registration
  • Utilities
  • Deposits
  • Insurance (car, home, etc.)
  • Furniture
  • Household items (cleaning supplies, cookware, décor, etc.)
  • Personal items (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
  • Emergency fund
  • Loans and other debts
  • Extra Income (if you’re job hunting)
  • TV, Phone, Internet
  • Gas for your car or a public transportation ticket
  • Medical (prescriptions, dental, glasses, doctor visits, co-pays, etc.)
  • Entertainment and dining
  • Home repairs

Begin writing down the costs you think apply to your situation and then assign a number to them. How much will you budget for daily living expenses? What about cable TV – is it a must or will an online streaming service be cheaper? How about an emergency fund? Will $1,000 be enough or should you save more? If you’re in doubt of how much to save for a certain expense, ask a friend or family member. It’s likely they’ll tell you to save more than less so you don’t find yourself in a financial rut later on.

Also, keep in mind the cost of living in your current state and how it compares to the cost of living in your new state. If it’s higher, you may find yourself saving for a longer time. If the cost of living is lower, you may be making the move sooner than you think. This list from the U.S. Department of State offers online resources for salaries, cost of living, and relocation to help in your research.

How much you should save before moving out of state

Only you know your financial situation and what you’re willing to spend on each cost of your move. When you feel like you have enough saved to cover all your bases, give us a call. We’ll set up your move and do our best to save you as much money as possible. To check prices now, click here to get a free moving quote or call 800-413-4799.

If you have any questions about saving for your move, we’re happy to answer them! Just leave a comment in the section below.

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