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How much does it cost to rent a moving truck one way?

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Truck rental isn't your only option for one-way moving

Many times when people ask about renting a moving truck for a one-way move, they’re referring to truck rental – where you do everything. Is that what you’re considering? If it is, let me introduce you to another type of service that was designed to make moving easier for DIY customers. It’s called U-Pack. It’s a very cost-effective service that allows you to pack, load, and unload while experienced drivers provide the transportation. Check it out! I think you’ll like it…especially when you see the price.

How much does it cost to rent a moving truck one way?

So how much does it cost to rent a moving truck one way with U-Pack?

Getting an online moving quote is quick and super easy (and there’s no obligation). All you have to do is enter the locations you’re moving from and to, an estimated move date, and how much you’re moving (check out the space estimator tool if you need help with size). We’ll send your price instantly, detailing how much it costs to rent a moving truck one way for your specific move.

Once you get your U-Pack quote, take a look at a couple of things – first, you may notice prices for both a trailer move and a ReloCube move. You get to choose which type of equipment you prefer. Next, if you select a trailer move, you’ll notice the “adjustment price per ft.” under the price. This is the amount that you add or subtract if you need more or less space in the trailer. U-Pack offers awesome flexibility – you pay only for the space you use!

Here’s what I mean by that: Let’s say you’re moving a 2-bedroom apartment and the space estimator says you need 12 linear feet (typical for a 2-beroom). If you load everything and actually fit into 10 linear feet, we’ll reduce your price instantly! You don’t have to pay anything until your shipment is loaded and you know exactly how much space you use. Talk about convenient.

Comparing one-way truck rental to U-Pack

Keep in mind that prices with both companies can fluctuate based on when, how much, and where you’re moving, but this an excellent example of how you can save with U-Pack.

For this example, we’ll say you’re moving from San Diego, CA to Atlanta, GA (2,139 miles). You’re moving a 2-bedroom apartment, so you get a quote for a 17-foot U-Haul® truck. The quoted price you see is probably around $1,958. When you add sales tax, fuel, and damage protection, the cost to rent a moving truck one way goes up to $3,347.64 ($1,093 for fuel, $135 for Safemove® coverage, $5.00 environmental fee, and $156.64 for sales tax).

Now, compare that to your U-Pack quote. 12 linear feet of a U-Pack trailer is equivalent to the space inside a 17-foot U-Haul® truck. The cost for 12 linear feet in a U-Pack trailer going from San Diego to Atlanta is currently $2,474. That price includes fuel, standard liability coverage and the driver (the sales tax doesn’t apply). Like I mentioned before, if you need more or less space, you simply add or subtract the per foot adjustment rate included in your quote (which in this case is $110). Sounds easy, right?

In this scenario, you could save over $800, and you don’t even have to drive the moving truck! It’s definitely worth checking out.

Get a quote!

Though moving out of California is one of the places where U-Pack is often able to offer prices that are significantly lower than truck rental, you’ll find that all across the country U-Pack prices are very competitive. So here’s what I recommend: if your one-way move is long-distance, get a moving quote from U-Pack, then compare it to the truck rental companies. Just think how much easier moving could be if you didn’t have to drive an unfamiliar truck across the country.

If you have any questions about how one-way moving works with U-Pack, leave a comment below or call us at 800-413-4799. We look forward to helping!

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