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Getting the Kids Involved with Your Move

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Things Your Kids Can Do To Help During the Move

Moving can be tough for kids. They’re leaving their home, school, and friends. But if you can get them involved with your move, you can help ease the transition. Let’s take a look at some fun jobs you might get your kids involved in along the way.  

Getting the Kids Involved with Your Move

Each one of these tasks can be modified based on the age and maturity level of your child. Of course, you aren’t going to let a three-year old pack your china, and you probably aren’t going to ask a fifteen-year-old to draw a picture of their old home. Adjust these tips according to your own children.

Take them house-hunting.  If you take a house-hunting trip, take the kids with you! If that seems daunting, at least take them back to the couple of houses you have narrowed it down to. You can show them their potential rooms and let them run around the backyard. Even if you can only show pictures, you can help them imagine their new house. You could have the kids draw a layout of their new room, complete with their dream decorations. You might find out your daughter wants bright orange wall paint, or your son would like bunk beds.

Let them go through their belongings. Before you start packing, you’ll need to de-clutter. Depending on the age of your child, you can have them go through their toys and closet and decide what they still play with and what can be donated or sold. This can be very difficult for small children who have a hard time letting go, but older children may be able to handle the task very well.

Let them help pack. Of course, you’ll want to give them age appropriate tasks. Older kids can totally pack up their rooms. Younger kids can pack similar items. We moved when I was 8, and my mom had me to through the whole house and collect books (they were unbreakable, and there were lots of them. She gave me boxes to back them in, and I just went from room to room gathering books and putting them in boxes. It was a great way to allow me to help without the risk of damaging anything. For smaller children you might give them the task of putting their toys inside boxes.  

Let them help with a garage sale. If you’re planning to take the plunge and have a moving sale, it’s a perfect opportunity for kids of all ages to help. Younger kids can color flyers advertising the sale. You can also let kids attach price tags (what kids doesn’t like stickers!?). Older kids can help count back change. At one garage sale I attended, the kids were at the register collecting money (with mom double checking their work of course!). It was a good lesson in money math for kids. Kids can also help bag items and carry them to cars after sales.  

On moving day.  We recommend that small children not be present on moving day. This is a great way for family or friends to help—babysitting! There is so much movement in and out of the house, and carrying large furniture/appliances could pose a danger if they’re under-foot. Older kids can be a great help though; put them to work labeling boxes, taking care of the family pet, picking up trash or cleaning. Celebrate with a pizza party at the end of moving day!

Getting the kids involved with moving day means that they will feel helpful. Your mood during the mood rubs off on your kids, so if you make them feel important and included, they will feel that way too! Just be a little intentional on giving kids fun jobs during the move to make the move fun for everyone!

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