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Garage Sale Pricing Strategies

September 17th, 2012 - 3:34 PM

When I was a kid, I used to love going to garage sales with my mom. I experienced thrill after thrill of finding books, clothes, and jewelry for cheap prices. If you’re moving, I think you’ll find that other people will be seeking the same type of thrill with YOUR stuff! Having a garage sale is great way to downsize and get rid of things you don’t want to pay to move. These helpful garage sale pricing strategies were designed to help you have a super successful garage sale!

Price items according to their worth
Put worth over your emotions. Price your items according to what they might be worth to others, not their value to you. If you just can’t decide, ask your friends what they would pay for it or keep it on the “maybe” list until the next year’s garage sale.

Have a “Free” box
These can be items that you would have otherwise just taken to the local donation store before the sale. You’ll be surprised at how many people will stop just to see what’s in the “free” box.

Have a “Kids” table
Kids will flock to this table first, allowing their parents to spend more time looking at the items you really want to sell.

Be ready to negotiate the price
You’re always going to have people that want to negotiate a price. Set your price at the highest value you expect to receive, and then lower it down if necessary. Negotiations can happen within an instant, so don’t feel bad for taking your time to really think about the price before you give an answer. It’s okay to say, “Can you give me a minute to think about the price?”

Honesty always wins
Always be upfront about the condition of an item. Some people will even buy items that don’t work, just to fix and resell. If you don’t want to constantly be asked about a certain item’s condition, write down the condition and tape it on the item along with the price. 

Make pricing easy
Use quarter-dollar pricing ($.025, $.50, $.075, $1.00, etc.) for easy calculating. This is a simple garage sale pricing strategy that will keep your hands from tiring on the calculator when it’s time to add up how much you’ve made.

Group items together
Your sale looks more organized when items are grouped together, (exercise equipment, kitchen, home décor, jewelry, shoes, clothing, etc.) which in turn means an easier shopping experience for those browsing.

Color makes pricing easy
Use different colored stickers to represent prices. It’s helpful to also make a sign with the color and price associated with that color so you are not constantly asked how much something costs. This is a popular garage sale pricing strategy.

Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah
So now that I have the Parent Trap song in your head, consider getting together with friends to host a big garage sale. “Multi-family” is the trendy term for getting people to come out to your garage sale.

Clean = Green
Want to make more green? Clean! Clothes on hangers on a line look cleaner than in a garbage sack for people to dig through. The cleaner, the greener!

We hope these garage sale pricing strategies are helpful for your next garage sale! Do you have any more pricing strategies to add to the list? Let us know about them by leaving a comment below!