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Finding Movers and Packers

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Do I need movers and packers?

Are you looking for movers and packers? Did you know that you can actually save money on your move by doing the packing yourself? While this option doesn’t work for everyone, many people like the idea of packing their own stuff, then hiring movers to do the loading, unloading and driving. Some even like to do their own loading and unloading, too – especially if it means saving more money.

And that’s what U-Pack specializes in – long distance, do-it-yourself moving. Instead of hiring movers and packers, U-Pack can deliver a trailer or moving container to your home. You load it, and U-Pack picks it up and drives it to your new location. All at a price that compares to truck rental.

What if doing without packers is doable, but movers are a must-have?

This is a scenario that several customers run into. They actually prefer to do their own packing, but there’s no way they can load and unload everything on their own. U-Pack can still help! We offer a solution that’s WAY more affordable than full-service moving; it allows you to maintain control of your move while still getting the help you need. Through access to a nationwide network of experienced, pre-qualified moving labor providers, we can help put you in contact with movers that are ready to provide just the help you need. You contract directly with the labor suppliers, and they work completely under your direction. When you pair a U-Pack DIY move with this hourly labor option, you get more control over your move by keeping the movers for as long as you need them (most locations have only a two- or three-hour minimum), and directing them to do only what you need done. It’s a combination that U-Pack customers love!

If I don’t hire movers and packers, how can I make sure I do it right?
There’s no question that good, quality, experienced movers and packers do a great job packing and loading your belongings. When you do a task day-in and day-out, you typically get really good at it. But, what you’ll normally find is that movers and packers like this are expensive. And let’s face it, in today’s economy very few people have the funds available to hire professionals to do it all. If you search for long, you may be able to find cheap movers and packers, but what you’ll often discover is that they’re day laborers with little to no experience. When this is the case, you’re almost always better off doing your own packing. It’s likely that you’ll be much more invested in making sure your belongings are properly packed than an inexperienced day laborer would be.

If you like the idea of saving money by doing your own packing, or you think you think doing it all and letting U-Pack take care of the transportation sounds like a good idea, we have some great tips that will help you get it done like a pro. Check out U-Pack’s Packing Tips and Loading Tips, and then take a look at these videos that were designed to help make the process go smoothly: Packing list and Packing Tips, Packing and Moving Tips from Ed Sanders, moving and packing, and loading tips

Forget the Movers and Packers – Pack like a pro
With these helpful tools, you can totally do this. We recommend starting the packing process around five weeks before your moving day. Start by packing the items you don’t use often first (like out of season clothing) then pack a little each week leading up to the big day. When you start packing early you can take the time to make sure everything is packed the right way. If you need moving boxes and moving supplies, you can order them through U-Pack and get free shipping right to your door. And as an extra perk, once you reserve your U-Pack move, you can get 10% off everything in the U-Pack Box Store!

 Do you have more questions about moving with U-Pack, or how we can put you in contact with moving labor in your area? Leave a comment below, or call us at 800-413-4799. We look forward to helping!

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