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Farewell Party Ideas

August 12th, 2015 - 1:50 PM


How to throw a great farewell party

If you’re planning a farewell party for a friend, coworker, or family member, we have TONS of great ideas for you! No matter what circumstances surround the farewell – changing jobs, moving long distance, going off to school – we’ve found some great party planning tips for you.

planning a farewell party

Ideas for your farewell party

Throw a theme party

Choose something that corresponds to their new city, or their new job – Are they moving to Texas? Have a BBQ and invite everyone to wear western duds. Moving to the East Coast? Maybe a crab boil is in order. Or, have a “Hometown Favorites” theme and bring in the local foods they love so they can enjoy their favorites one last time before they go. Another going away party idea for any occasion is “You’re ‘Dessert’ing Us” – take advantage of the play on words and serve an impressive buffet of delicious desserts!

Plan a memorable farewell

Make it a party the guest of honor(s) will remember for a long, long time. You can do this by creating a makeshift photo booth for guests to take pictures with the guest of honor. Simply hang a sheet for a backdrop, put your camera on a tripod, and have someone man the camera to take pictures photo booth-style. You can also set up a video camera where guests can record a farewell message. And here’s another tip: provide blank note cards for each guest to write a message to the guest of honor – whether it be a shared memory, words of advice, or a sweet note, it’s something they’ll hold onto and cherish.

Ideas for different farewell occasions

Consider these great farewell party ideas for specific goodbye scenarios:

Office farewell party

One of the most common departures is when a coworker leaves the office.  They may be transferring to a different city, changing departments, or taking a new job.  A potluck works great for office farewell parties so that everyone isn’t away from their desk at once. For a special treat, we love these Post-It note cupcakes from My Fair Cupcakes for an office goodbye party. 

office farewell party cupcakes

Moving away party

For friends or family who are moving away, your farewell party can take a moving-centered approach. Some fun ideas include a cake that looks like a moving box, like this one from Cup a Dee Cakes. 

moving away party cake

‘Bon voyage’ party

If you’re hosting a sendoff for friends before the vacation of a lifetime, a going away party will mark the occasion. If you’re saying bon voyage before they begin their exciting travels, we love the farewell party idea of serving food like it’s part of an in-flight meal (from Mini Mocha). 

bon voyage party food idea

And here’s a detailed tip that fits the bon voyage party theme: try decorating with maps (from WA Brown Realtors).

going away party map decorations

Military send-off party

For a military send-off, one special farewell party idea is to have guests write out well-wishes for the guest of honor, like this idea from United We Stand. Present them to your service member before they leave, or wait to include them as extra encouragement in care packages while they’re deployed. 

military sendoff ideas

Retirement Party

If you’re retiring, then you’ve earned a fun retirement party! Many companies will host a traditional retirement party that includes a formal lunch or casual drop-in, but if you’re looking for different retirement party ideas, any of the suggestions in this post can be altered to fit a retirement celebration. If the retiree has a particular hobby they’re looking forward to in retirement, such as sewing or fishing, plan the party around that. Or for a more general theme, we love this fun cake from All Occasions.

retirement party cake

For a retirement party gift, we love this custom retirement gift basket from Shannon Riggins. It includes slippers (to sit back and relax), gift cards (for a night out), skin care (for a fountain of youth), and other fun items.

retirement party gift basket

Have unique farewell party ideas?  Leave them in the comments!