Easy DIY Gifts

December 18th, 2012 - 3:23 PM

Easy DIY gifts made with stuff you have at home

I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have enough extra money during the holidays. I have so many people I would love to buy gifts for, but not enough cash! If you want to make some homemade gifts with stuff you have at home, here are some ideas that are easy and cheap!

Easy DIY Edible Gift: Cookie Mix in a Jar

So you have a pantry full of ingredients and no time to bake cookies? Never fear! You can make cookie mix in a jar! Simply follow your favorite recipe and layer the ingredients in a jar or other container. You can give the recipe (along with the instructions to add the wet ingredients and bake) on a cute tag…instant yummy gift! You can check out one recipe here from AllRecipes.com.

Another edible jar idea is to take some sort of boxed cake mix or pancake mix and put it in a cute container. Just make a crafty tag to go with it with directions! You can gift pancake mix in a jar with directions for how to make a special Christmas breakfast! You can turn that box of mix in your pantry into a great gift!

DIY cookie mix in a jar

Easy DIY Gift for Mom or Grandma: Recipe Book

Does your Mom or Grandma have a bunch of recipes shoved in a box or a drawer? If you can be sneaky, you can take those recipes and put them in a book for her! You can simply paste the recipes into a notebook, or you can get fancy and put them in plastic sleeves in a binder. Either way, if you organize the recipes (main dish, appetizer, desserts, etc) and make them easier to use, she will be sure to love it! Get some inspiration from this Blogher article!

DIY recipe book

Easy DIY Decorative Gift: Paper Mache Bowl

This gift would be great for Dad (a spot to put his keys) or anyone really. All you need is some paper and flour and water, and a bowl. You just take any paper that fits your gift recipient. Use the sports section for dad, or a fashion magazine for your fashionista sister. You just layer on the paper with the paper mache paste. Use the tutorial from The Lulu Bird to easy directions on making this awesome gift!

Paper mache bowl

Easy DIY Bookmark: Easy and Cheap Gift

All you need is paper to make this beautiful bookmark! Anyone who reads would love having a sweet little bookmark to mark their spot. Some simple origami folding will get you an awesome gift in no time (and with no cost!). Follow the directions from Sandy’s Space here.

Easy DIY bookmark

Easy DIY Soap Dispenser: Photos Trapped Inside!

If you need a gift for a teacher, a grandma, or anyone who enjoys a good laugh, check out this photo soap dispenser gift! You just need to go to the local office supply store and have your photo copied onto transparency paper (for just $1 or so per sheet). Then, according to Peta Pixel, you just cut around the photo and put it inside some clear soap or hand sanitizer! Super easy and super fun!

DIY soap dispenser

Do you have any other ideas for cheap and easy DIY gifts? We would love to hear your ideas! Or if you try any of these crafts, share them with us! Just send your photos to moving@upack.com and you might see your creation on the U-Pack Facebook page!