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Door-to-Door Moving: How it works with U-Pack

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Do you need door-to-door delivery?

U-Pack offers door-to-door moving in all 50 states (including Alaska and Hawaii), Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada! And shipping your belongings this way doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. U-Pack does the driving at a DIY rate.

Door-to-door moving with U-Pack.

It works like this: We deliver a moving trailer or ReloCube right to your door. You load it up, then we deliver to the door at your new home. Or, if you’re not ready for delivery, door-to-door storage is available, too.

Start by getting a quote and making a reservation.

While many “you pack, we drive” companies aren’t able to provide service throughout the country, the U-Pack service area covers over 90% of the U.S. A U-Pack quote will confirm door-to-door service in your location. Once your reservation is made, the equipment and driver are guaranteed for your moving day. No deposit is required to reserve your move!

Next, make parking arrangements.

Since we’re dropping equipment off at your door, you’ll want to make sure you have safe and legal parking. Sometimes that involves just making sure adequate space is available, but sometimes that means getting parking permits. If you’re parking your moving trailer or Cube on your own private property, a permit may not be required. However, if you live in an apartment complex, rent, have a homeowners association or will park the equipment on a city street, you definitely want to check on parking regulations. In most locations you can get this information from the city, police department, landlord or your HOA. Check out the instructions for trailer parking or ReloCube parking before moving day to make sure you have enough room – and don’t forget to make parking arrangements at both the origin and destination!  

On moving day, we will deliver the equipment to your home.

You can have up to three business days to load your stuff – so take your time. When you’re finished loading, simply contact your local terminal to arrange to have the equipment picked up. After pickup, your container or trailer gets moving.  

We move the equipment to the local service center at destination.

Then you simply call to arrange a delivery appointment; we’ll deliver it right to your door at your new home when you’re ready.

You unload.

You have three business days to unload and empty the trailer or ReloCube. Again, when you’re finished unloading, just call your local terminal for pick-up.

It really is that simple!

We work hard to make sure the entire door-to-door moving process is as simple as possible. That’s why there aren’t a bazillion complicated steps when you tackle door-to-door moving with U-Pack.  And here’s the best part: since we do the driving, you’re free to travel exactly how you want. You could even take a short vacation while we do the moving. I call that a great way to move door-to-door!

Get a free moving quote to see how much you can save moving with U-Pack! We’ll move you door-to-door or you can create your own custom combination of moving services such as storage, or saving money by loading/unloading at one of our local service centers. U-Pack makes moving personalized and simple. Call 1-800-413-4799 to speak with a friendly moving specialist and start planning your door-to-door move today!

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