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Do moving companies handle small moves?

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You may have heard that some moving companies aren’t equipped to handle small moves (or you’ll pay dearly for it). You’ll be pleased to know that U-Pack Moving isn’t among those companies; whether you’re moving a studio-size apartment or a four-bedroom home, we can handle it. In fact, U-Pack’s flexible “pay for the space you use” concept was designed with the small move in mind.  

Options for Small Moves

U-Pack’s minimum move size is 5 linear feet in a moving trailer, or one ReloCube. Comparatively, that’s typically the equivalent of a studio-size apartment or one room of furnishings.

The ReloCube is a small, weatherproof portable moving and storage container that sits flat on the ground. It measures 6’x7’x8’ (lwh) and fits perfectly into a standard-size parking space. Now, if you’re moving more than one room, you can reserve as many Cubes as you want, and only pay for the Cubes you end up using.

If you prefer a little more flexibility, the moving trailer is a great option. As I mentioned before, the minimum is five linear feet. If you need more space, it’s always available. We’ll provide a per-foot-adjustment rate in your quote – just add it to your five-foot price to see your cost for using more space. So easy! 

Go U-Pack!

Whatever your moving needs, U-Pack is ready to handle your small move!  We’ll deliver the trailer or ReloCube to your home. You load. We’ll pick it up and drive to your new home. It’s a great, low-cost moving option!

Get a free moving quote to see how you can do a small move with U-Pack! If you have more questions about moving or about U-Pack specifically, call a U-Pack moving specialists at 1-800-413-4799.  They’ll be happy to help with your move – big or small!
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